Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lay me down.

Room for one, please...
Disclaimer and Dedication: This post is dedicated to all the Role-Playing Romantics out there, the legions of women (including my Snakes & Tea friend) who have been telling me to read Fifty Shades of Grey (now available at my local grocery store--as IF I'm going to buy that in the produce section!), and to the good people of Blizzard who want their players to be well-rested--remember, this is a fantasy game, after all...

...and it's the Summer Solstice, there is plenty of sunshine in the Northern Hemisphere, and the time to run around with green-eyed girls, smile a little bit more, refreshed, and relaxed is kick off your flip-flops, dig your toes in the sand, and dream of wonderful places to sleep...

There are a few places in Azeroth that beckon one to sleep -- while doing archeology, Matty enjoys Dreamers' Rest, while others may prefer the more luxurious, but slightly tainted, accommodations of Karazhan:

(Erinys, I couldn't find my own screenshot - if you want me to take this off, I understand...that roll of film got messed up in the x-ray machine...)
Erinys' Screenshot of the beautiful boudoir of Karazhan...

Once you clean off the dead bodies and get the slumpy, slurpy thingies out, you'll find the chocolate on your pillow. Charming. (It looked like chocolate, anyway...)

But Haanta especially was wondering what might happen in Grand Warlock Alythess's chambers:

Okay, I get the big bed, but the little matching chaise lounges? What the?! And for the record, I think the Grand Warlock is one of the most beautiful creations in the game. She looks Draenei, and amazing, and wonderful. More, please!

Most of my favorite resting spots are the campsites and waterfalls in the jungles of the south--oh, to find an abandoned hammock and nap a summer afternoon away!

Of course I can't let any of you rest - yes, Road Rally, yes, DK story, yes yes yes -- and here is one more:

What jammies would you Mog for your sleep-overs?
Luperci sleeps with a shield under her pillow....

Ah...the exquisite nap.

Theme Song: Dirty Heads/Lay Me Down


  1. Of course I don't mind you using the screenshots.

    I bought my copy of Shades of Grey in the supermarket and smirked at the sales guy.

    1. Thatta girl! Gave me a big chuckle...thank you for that and the screenshot!

  2. Now you're making me want to go get it. LOL happy to finally see your slumber post up! :D

    1. I'm assuming you mean the book. We should all march into our local cucumberr and melon sellers and proudly purchase it, instead of like me, sneaking it in on my Kindle. And now, haven't started it yet.

  3. Anonymous22.6.12

    I like the look of the second last pic, in fact it reminds me of my Player Housing post.

    1. I think I have more screenshots of my characters sleeping than any other --it's one of the things we all share in common - the need, the craving, for stress-free sleep!

  4. I was a Kindle sneaker.

    I kept looking at Grand Warlock Alythess wondering why she looked familiar, I didn't recognize her without her twin at first.

    I think if Druid were to take a nap it would still be in the little house in Winterspring although there are some really nice cozy houses in Gilneas which is strange as outside the houses it's not a warm, fuzzy zone!

  5. There is a cottage in the Tainted Woods I love too, even though there is a gruffy dwarf as a permanent fixture. Apparently my own bed isn't working because I still wake up after minimal sleep. Maybe I am one of those hyperblahdeblahs Navi spoke of. I know Ceniza is.


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