Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tome & Matty's Excellent Adventure: Way Out in Outlands Winner!

We might say this beautiful Tauren is winner by default
Because no one else had the time or thought
To travel around Outlands in riding togs
Over hill and dale, and quite a few bogs
The only submission to our contest beats all
We love you, Navi, and hope you had a ball!

Once again, I feel I am the true winner--watch Navi's entry in the T&M Excellent Adventure, Way Out in Outlands:

Navi, your prize has to wait till payday. That's how I roll in the Matty-shack.

Next up (not for a while*):

Eastside, Yo!
True North Northrend
El Kalimdorado

Next rounds will have fewer stops, clearer clues (my bad), and I'll post all clues at once.

*Going to be out of commission for about a week. Getting a tune-up and my carburetor repaired.


  1. We got a video?!!! Thank you Navi! That was terrific! Mogging Druid Supreme, Rhyming Druid Supreme and now Traveling Druid Supreme, what next!

    And Matty, good luck with your carburetor, we will miss you!

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  3. Anonymous23.6.12

    If there nothing our Den Mother Navi can't do. Fashionista, Poet laureate and Travelling Willbury. Gratz Navi.


    1. @Ayelena - Travelling Willbury? I love that association :D

    2. That made me laugh out loud. Scared the dog, even. No, I do not think there is anything our Navi can't do!

  4. Woot! Though I didn't enter to win anything, I was just entering because I had a song pop into my head for the whole thing and thought it was too good not to make a video out of. And besides, it was fun!

  5. Oh and it's that time already? Hope the tune up goes well :) Will be thinking of you!

  6. Congrats, Navi! That video is awesome!

    I'm sorry I didn't manage to get anything in. I thought the due date was today or Monday. And I've been dragging my feet about getting a coordinates addon, for the mostly-silly reason that I've gotten along well enough without one so far, so why start using one now? :P Will try to do better for the next round.

    1. I am not the most organized of contest, and for you concrete/sequential types..anyway JD said, and he's right, there is a coordinate target at the top of our common, everyday mini-maps. Go figure. Not sure when I'll get around to next round, but stay tuned!


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