Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharp pencils.

A game friend let me know yesterday he added me to Google+. I asked if it was my "real" self or my "avatarial" self. He wasn't sure, and when I checked, sure enough it was my avatarial self. Dammit. Will the real Matty please stand up? The reason I mention this is I was having perhaps a tiny bit of writer's block, that feeling that whatever I would put down would be the same old dribble and slop, and as I told Guarf yesterday, I was even tired of reading it...

...but then this other thing happened. I love to spam my visitors, it's true. Once in awhile I'll catch a friend or two whom I may not see in game, but they stopped by this virtual home for something to read. I also love to see what posts folks are persusing, and this morning it is:
I clicked on the drabble "Kolin," because there was no recollection of even writing it. Sure enough, it's pretty darn good!

The point is, if my avatarial selves get inter-mingled, they are the vehicles to my voice, my little imaginings. What we come to expect, if we begin to feel apathy or take the extraordinary for granted, will trip us up every time. It's that one little fraction, the slightly-off perspective, that keeps life interesting.

One misstep at a time, people, one misstep at a time: New York City Subway Stairs

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  1. Physical humor has never been my thing so I don't know why that video cracked me up like that, maybe the music helped.

    I'm afraid if I write anything right now it will just be whining and I SO don't want to read that, lol, so I might go back to D3 and let them scare me to death for a while.

    1. Then you understand, as you always do.

      What got me is how programmed we are to do the normal, and anything out of kilter, even by a tiny bit, sends us stumbling. What got me too is the observation of the videographer in the first place, to notice what was going on on this specific set of stairs. But I guess that is the job of the artists, isn't it? To capture the hidden.

  2. I know why Ancient has writers block (of sorts) and as for you.... Vico numbs the pain and the brain.... And I will click the video when i get off my phone and out of bed and see what you all are laughing at.

  3. Anonymous28.6.12

    See I don't know about Google+, I created one but haven't done anything with it. Maybe I should just delete it. I have facebook, twitter the blog... do I need anything else?

    Oh and it's most embarrassing for the one that trips over all the ones around them who don't and yes that happens to me quite often or my ankle gives out...

    1. I think it's just interesting that every single person trips up that one stair - just goes to show you we all trip up.

      And I think my virtual world has grown too...



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