Saturday, June 16, 2012

A taste for toad....

This was an emotionally exhausting week, and while I really must, should, etc., go do things, important things, I found myself sitting on the couch watching An Idiot Abroad: China.

No matter how you may feel about Ricky Gervais' torturing of poor Carl Pinkerton, when Carl expresses concern over going to China, eating toads, liking them, and then coming back to England and finding a paucity of toad delicacies, well, this is his worry, and--

--see what things you can worry about? Going to China, trying toad, and then not being able to find it in your hometown?! These are real problems! Of global proportions!

Turns out, there are indeed toads in China, toads to eat, be beaten on the streets, etc. Didn't see anyone licking them, though. Must be a different channel. On a different episode I learned what "bullocks" are and what happens to them when riding a camel. About the same as a toad in the hands of an elderly Chinese lady.


  1. This made me think and I realized of all the places I've lived I felt most "comfortable" in Hong Kong. Strange that an island populated by so many people I didn't know why it didn't sink was a comfortable place for an introvert.

    Never had toad but did have frog's legs and orange chicken, haven't missed it though, not real picky about food, well except pizza. Can't live without that.

    1. I thought I had a fairly iron-skillet stomach too, but after watching Carl nearly lose his crisps on the streets of China, now I am not so sure. And I learned that just because you cook it on a skewer does not mean it's good. One last thing: I have now made it a policy not to eat things that have been whacked on the sidewalk by their cooks.


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