Friday, June 29, 2012

Know Your Archetype: The Devil

Beetlejuice. Beeltejuice. Beet-

This illustrates the architecture of a demon...
Thinking about Ariel and her voice, and…other things…made me think about the archetype of the devil. The "deal with the devil" is a linchpin of plot connections. There is usually a pivotal moment where the hero gives. trades, barters, or denies something that is so important to their powers in exchange for something they think will save themselves or others. And does the devil need all that stuff? I mean, what does he do with it anyway? Does he own a chain of storage units on the outskirts of town, where legions of trash pickers come to collect the $100 bills behind the sad clown paintings? 

Oh -sorry. Got side-tracked there. 

Anyway, what the devil does with this stuff, I have no clue. Usually he, or she, wants to fill a personal emotional vacuum, such as Beetlejuice's marriage proposal with Lydia, in exchange he will save the Maitlands. He's just really lonely, and is tired of going to miniature model houses of ill repute.'re feeling a little..anxious...if you know what I mean...
Illidan is one such hero turned villain due to his dealings with devils. In an attempt to save his people on a mighty wave of hubris, he turns all dark and brooding. Well, maybe if Tyrande had kept her quiver full, none of this would have happened. It usually helps to blame women, right Eve?

That's hot.
The devil archetype is just about in every narrative and line of discourse. On one end it's simple bargaining, to the other extreme we lose our eternal souls. Dammit, I needed that! Just got that back from the cleaners!

In Azeroth, the big temptations come in the form of buying gold, or paying a guild to carry one through heroic raids for prized weapons and gear. Getting out of those moral entaglements usually takes the rest of the bucket of popcorn and 45 screen minutes to get out of--it usually isn't worth it. Whatever we accomplish in game, and more importantly, out, is worth keeping our souls for, at least 21 ounces doesn't get much in the auction house. Might as well vendor it out.

Every boss that does some sort of slow-burn damage, or face-changing is a type of devil, I suppose. I haven't played long enough to know if there are any current fights where the players bascially need to sacrifice themselves for others' gain. Now those would be interesing fights, to say the least. Think about it: deals with devils in order for the whole raid to succeed, but the sacrificial lamb gets nothing? How would that ever work? Maybe that should be part of a legendary chain, and we all get a chance for pretty blue mounts and dragon-infused staffs. 

Oh wait, we do. Go down to the crossroads and talk to a man there. He'll help you out.


  1. I'm not sure if that devil lurks within you Matty. But I can tell you a bloody cheeky devil does :P

    1. That I am indeed, Navi! Going to add that to my make-believe title list, Mataoka, Duchess of Cheeky Devilshire


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