Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RTMT: Volatile Mutation

Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you courtesy of Insomniacs, Anonymous: for when you can't stay asleep, and mutterings in public forums seem like the right thing to do. 

Ah, stress. The stress associated with the unknown (and it's all unknown, baby), the stress of half-done jobs and projects. For anyone who has ever had to move offices, you know what I am feeling. I have to move my work stuff again. I have a lot of work stuff. Guarf knows. I sent him a picture last year. I am not sure where my stuff is going exactly, because my "new" place is much smaller than my last, but I don't want to be where I am currently right now. This is going to be the most ridiculous, superstitious thing I may have ever written or thought, but my current place has sad memories, and I need to get back to the start, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. I put these same sentiments on Tree Heal's current post, which is a good read for any of you who have ever raided, or are thinking about it.

So, while I'm waiting to get going, I was aimlessly wandering around the netty-web, and thought, "Hrm, wonder how I can get that First Mate's hat?" and found some interesting things, including where to get that rare parrot thingy, too. More this, more than, and then saw over at Cymre a question about rare things we want but can't have. 

What do I want? Got most of it. But right now I really want a new mattress, but since I am a cash-and-carry kind of gal, that ain't going to be happening any time soon (sad unhappy whiney frowny face). It always seems that in the grand scheme of planned obsolescence, everything goes at once. The mattress. The washer. Dryer. Cars. Trucks. Body parts. /cough

I was thinking about my best friend from middle school the other day, in fact, I think of her every day. I need to email/call her, but need to find a time when I can cry, because I know when I call her, I will (need to tell her about some things). She is the one who always was quick to remind me of every little thing I have ever done, every misstep, mistake, bad boyfriend, stupid cats, time when this and time when that. Sometimes I have avoided talking to her because of her focusing too much on my quirks and not enough on "you are a wonderful and beautiful friend-ness." And though she has never once told me I am beautiful, have great skin, or look stylish in my hand-painted clogs, she has told me she loves me, and I love her, too. She lost her father last year, and we spent hours on the phone crying, and I listened. If I called her and said, I need to cry now, she would be quiet, and listen. The cliche of life is too short over petty bullshit is true, true, true. If you are lucky enough to have a friend, one friend, consider the friend you are, too. What do you really want? If you have one true friend, and you are equally respectful and loving, you have all you need, or could ever want.

Now to go see if I can get that First Mate hat for my friend (and I enjoy my title of Queen of Dorks, by the way.)


  1. You are wonderful and beautiful, Queen of the Dorks and I know this because I've seen you in the pixelflesh, yes I have.

    Friends is number one, everything else is way down the list.

  2. I only know the inside you. The one that writes and supports and encourages. And that you is so wonderful i am glad that I can call you friend. Luckily that other commenter agrees with me :)

  3. Anonymous19.6.12

    I think we are all gorgeous people on the inside and that can translate to how we look on the outside too (unless I'm having a bad hair day). So from what I know of you, you're all of the positive stuff above. I'm glad you're around to make me chuckle and I've appreciated your words of encouragement recently.

    1. Keep your heart light and happy, and I always love to know folks are smiling!


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