Thursday, May 31, 2012

Give it away, now

Facebook has been in the news a bit lately, and my spotty lurking has proven heartbreaking and humorous lately. Yes, found out some dear friends are in the process of divorces and separation (yes, I said friends, as in more than one friend in different marriages). It's not funny, but the dark humor comes from finding out on Facebook. I have been an inattentive real life friend of late. There was some really sad news, too, but this is not my place to share that. Regardless, it will involve me trying to help this person with a boon. There are moments--many--where I question the existence of a just and wise all-powerful being. The good guys need to win a bit more, sir. Or ma'am. Or borg. Whatever.

Just sayin'.

Okay, what is my point? I don't know. I have no point, really. Keeping watch on friends in real life and friends in Azeroth is interesting, and to my friends just remember, if I ever do need to regroup and go under a rock in Tanaris, I'm not hiding in the sand to get away from you. I'm hiding to get away from me.

In any case--one of my gifts to you all is I am a good listener, or try to be. If you need to share something, just know it goes in the vault, and that's that. I won't post it on Facebook. 


  1. Thanks for the music! Finding out things on FB reminds of yesterday. My daughter pointed out a lovely mommy at an event.

    She was a skin tight capri jeans and four inch heels lovely mommy and very pretty. Her daughter had told her class mates that mommy had had to have an operation on her butt because it was too big. Yeah, guess what I couldn't stop staring at for the rest of the event.

    So, kids, even more dangerous than FB with the secrets.

    1. Haha! Ah yes...out of the mouths...being the butt of a joke...

  2. Anonymous1.6.12

    I used to be on fb all the time but that changed about a year ago. Now it's twitter and the blog :P I log into fb about once a week now.

    LOL Tome, what a voyeur :P


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