Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bargain hunters...

There is something women do that I am not sure men do---call it the gatherer side of the hunter/gatherer economy: ladies, did you ever buy something really cheap, but it looks top-shelf, and then the compliments pour in, and you are compelled to say how much you spent and where you bought it?! "Yes, I bought this Coach purse off of a bum wearing soiled sweatpants behind the Target!" Charming.

So, I was perusing the AH tonight, and found all of these great transmog bargains, and then one that was outrageously priced (one of those sexy dresses you can get in AQ)--seller was asking 30K! I don't think so!

What is the great bargain you've ever discovered on the AH?

These pretty, pretty robes were only 10-25 gold a piece! Thank you bum in sweatpants in Target!
This post doesn't make a lot of sense because I am damn tired--but you get the idea. Gotta love a great deal!

Update: Here is Ceniza wearing her pretty new green dress (she really likes green):


  1. I got the the Dandelion off-hand ( 20g.

    I love bargain hunting, it's amazing what you can find hidden away in second hand shops or on the rails at the back of clothes shops and of course on the AH dumped there by people who don't check out the looks of every item they loot :p

    Very pretty dresses.

    1. Holy wish-blower Erinys! That is AMAZING! Does it come with extra wishes when you blow on the puffball, and then a landscaper to dig up the inevitable weeds? Even if it doesn't, that is wonderful, and now I'm on the hunt!

  2. Oh no, my daughter once told me I'm actually a guy. I mean I think like a male.

    When someone has a problem I don't sympathize, I try to solve it was the one she took issue with. There are other things and not shopping is one of them.

    I'd better go look for something frilly to put on to get in touch with my feminine side, I think I have something. My husband bought it, lol.

    1. Tome, I am actually not a shopper, either--it's this compulsion when another woman compliments me to tell her how cheap I actually bought it, which is funny, because supposedly to look "posh" was the intent all along! I would call myself a "guerilla shopper--" meaning - go alone, with purpose, and get the hell out. Never understood the wandering aimlessly about--infuriating. But finding the "just right thing" that you think every one else has overlooked - maybe it's what makes archeology fun--the hidden treasures-- and then the boasting rights!

      Was in a meeting yesterday, and after its outcome told CDRogue I wish I could sprout man parts sometimes. I literally, word for word, said something, a direction I felt the team should go in, the women stared at me. The man in the room said it and he became the wisest sage of all time.

    2. Those women must be related to my mother. I swear if a male doctor told her to cut off her head to cure a headache she'd do it. What is with you women, did you drink the coolaide!

  3. Anonymous25.5.12

    I'm a bargain hunter and proud of it...and most certainly share the details with people. However, the observation I've noticed when you take the average male and average female you get the following result:

    A man will buy something on sale that he needs or wants.
    A woman will buy something on sale because it's on sale.

    I've seen rare cases on both sides where this observation is disproved, but 'tis far and few between.

    Also, another nice colour scheme. Trying to find something that suits your fancy?

    1. Thanks JD! I am at work now in the parking lot, drinking that McDonald's black coffee, (the Scots are not known for their proficiency with coffee beans) and wishing I had titled this post Grinding Beans, inspired by Tome. I will probably change the look up periodically: less often than I change my underwear, but more often than I change the oil.


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