Wednesday, May 30, 2012

POI: Odysseus was smart.

You know how sometimes, just maybe on occasion, I get a tiny bit grumbly? Well - you know I always bounce back with a good story, too! (It's at the end, so keep reading.)

Not feeling so hot today, but whatever it is will be fine, so don't worry about me, I'm fine, really - anyway, but made an executive decision to stay home.

What's missing in this photo, hmm? Could it be....?

Oh beautiful Ceniza. You really are fun, you tricky little mage.

Took a couple of tries to get through LFRs today, and thank you to Turk for trying to help stack the odds to get that helm piece, but alas, still sporting a 378 model on my noggin.

But, as I have come to expect, Señor's Potions of Illusions have a kick to them that cannot be duplicated. He is truly a masterful alchemist.

Hanging out in Theramore:

And during the first half of LFR:

(This makes me want to be a Draenei turned NE turned Draenei back to NE)

But then the best part was the final DW fight in LFR, and I looked over at the damage meters and said to myself, "Da-AMMM! A mage doing 80K!" And my next thought is, "Please don't be a fire mage, please don't be a fire mage..." and OH SNAP - it is. "Oh, well, then, she must be in full epic heroic gear with no grass stains or missing buttons like mine...surely!" And no, her gear is a bit better, but she's well, just awesome:

Did you ever meet that really pretty, popular girl in high school, and you just wanted to hate her, but you couldn't, because she was so warm and immediately nice and friendly? The one who makes everyone feel welcome? That is Penelope. I whispered her, letting her know how much I admired her mad skills, and if she felt someone was "watching" her it would be me checking her out on the armory. I was just about to ask her if she didn't mind, to roll on the dagger in case it dropped, and if she didn't want it, and before I could ask she told me she did, and would give it to me! *The crowd goes wild*

So, cheers to new friends, and to my current friends (you're not old, people, you're "established.") I need all of you to have fun with, And besides, Señor, I need a power torrent! Please?!?!

The title of this post, for you smarticus folks, is a reference to Odysseus' ever-faithful wife, Penelope, who fought off suitors and such while she waited for his raggedy-ass for twenty years. Good to see this Penelope is not waiting around!

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