Monday, May 14, 2012

Omniscient narrator comes out...

Really -- many players rock my world. Uppsala was gracious to send me a clarifying e-mail with this information:

Hehe, thank you for the notoriety but I am a mere addon writer. The story was "My Little Dashie" by ROBCakeran53 ( ).

I haven't posted the Addon to Curse yet, I'm waiting for permission to distribute this story and maybe Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles (

Thank you though, and I hope you enjoyed the experience. It certainly made my LFR much more enjoyable having people to share this story with.

Still: weather ponies?! Daddy, I want a weather pony! How cool would it be to ride around on  "partly cloudy with a chance of showers" pony? The Seattle one would be all mushroom-colored misty grey and threaten precipitation constantly, but rarely have lightning or thunder. 

Anyway, thank you to Uppsala for this clarification and fun feature. 

Speaking of players who rock -- Vidyala's post on achieving her legendary weapon is like an Oscar's speech, and I am not saying that in a snarky way - it is fantastic! I think...I think that is truly why we mortals play--the experiences with friends, family, and those we love superseded the pixels--this is why folks get so upset when some say "it's only a game." It is a game--but it can be so much more. I never wrote about Monopoly wins, I'll just say that. Congratulations Vidyala--well deserved, and just goes to show, the more love we put out there, the more we get back. It's a simple formula. And the screenshot she uses is one I have for my characters, too, and I love it. We all get to share in the glory.

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