Sunday, May 20, 2012

Picture perfect...

Mataoka, the Drippy Soggy Shaman

Ceniza, Wet Match in Dark Cave
Luperci, Who Is Not A Fail Tank
Zeptepi, of the Mismatched Gloves

Momokawa, of the Peachy Keen Tribe

One fun distraction of technology is the ability to manipulate imagery: we have always loved this, since the first camera. The Armory App is quite fun, but I've noticed that, especially on Friday this past week, I was sneaking out my phone, and not being too sly about it. Addiction to technology has brought me low, jonesing for click click bing. Momma, don't take my Kodachrome away.

On this cloudy Sunday morning, time to take stock. I avoided, procrastinated, ditched, however I want to say it, more responsibility yesterday. Have a very dear friend who keeps his weekends sacred. For the past several years, I am not able to keep my job in that box, it spills out mentally and emotionally everywhere I go, and during the weekdays I have other responsibilities so I can't stay late, clear the decks, and have totally free weekends. Oh, damn that sounds whiney. Sorry. Really.

But it's not all mental guilt- there are guilty pleasures as well. Last night our little rag-tag cross-realm group got together and finally went through all of Naxxramas. That lost boss, Kel'Thuzad, did give us some trouble, but mostly because I got over-confident. Ice, ice, baby--called in the big guns (gracias, gracias!) and done he fell (slipped on some ice I guess). Little Miss Shammypants got a great staff (which I'm still trying to figure out if that is an elemental thing, or if elemental should still use maces and shields?) a coolio-shield with a skull on it (little do most players know but that skull has a CD player and AM/FM receiver, just there, behind the horns, and a jack for headphones). And, some gorgeous leggings in her favorite, and mine, color--indigo blue. Still looking for a belt to match. Add one more thing to the list.

Ceniza---Ceniza is giving me fits. I cannot seem to obtain the gear needed to add spark and fuel to her fires. Tried to do LFR to see if I could obtain the dagger, but alas--no. No. And No. Overall, the DPS for the group was horrible, and though I got to the 33K area, it was a struggle. I looked at her talent tree again, having changed it, and this morning I changed it back. I looked over other fire mage's gear, and though Ceniza's gear is not great, and horrible compared to the goddess mage's, (still many 378 items) I keep feeling I SHOULD DO BETTER. NOW. (Why do I keep hearing the Simpson's dog trainer, "PULL THE BLOODY CHAIN BOY NOW! in my head?) And then when someone yells out N***** F*****, and an over-zealous shaman is, and has been, yelling at everyone for 20 minutes--well---

--------at the moment I need to take stock of my life, or my play life anyway.

Confess this to cross-dressing rogue, who is happily playing D3 along with the majority of folks in my play world, and another close person says to tell me in D3 no one yells N***** F*****. It's very cool and laid back. Somehow -- I don't find this believable. It seems we get more than two people in a room and there's tension.

Which leads me to this, once more:
I need a ten-main team, guys. Just casual. Don't make anything a big damn deal. Grab me, put it together once in a while, and let's go. I am all dressed up and no where to go. I don't want drama, over-sexed goofiness, nerd rage, daddy-issues, mommy-issues, bullying, harrassment, or finger-pointing.

And to my friends who don't give me grief, who make me very happy---thank you.

And if anyone is interested in having a drippy shaman, a hawt tank, a sweet but tired healer, or a mean mage on a team, you know where to find me.

Guess I'll go see what my warrior in D3 is up to.

Dare you not to sing along: Kodachrome/Paul Simon


  1. Beautiful Outfits!

    1. Thank you, Pando! Those pretty Draenei are fun, to be sure!


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