Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a moment in time...

Only weeds Matty fought today...

There must be some international bug flying around, because I was home today, too, with a chronic tummy ache. Yes, I am going to the doctor on Friday, because enough is enough.

But, before I go to something that was due today at work, but can turn in tomorrow, I am going to allow myself one hour of archeology. Before dinner, paperwork, and that last load of laundry, oh, and a hefty amount of Tums.

Navi pointed me to Cymre's shared topic about Archeology, so off I go to dig in dirt. Those weeds outside can wait. Time takes care of a lot. I'm not sure what my favorite object is or will be. Of course I would love the Crawling Claw (and make Thing Addams jokes), but to date, really-- I think it was the Pyramond and Theleste objects. Lost loves are like lost treasures...when we dig them back up, a bit tarnished but polished by nostalgia.

All Hail Matty! Pendant of the Scarab Storm produces a cheering crowd of dung beetles!


  1. I've been thinking about this too. I'm still not sure which of the many artifacts I've got in the bank or my pack is my favorite. Must login and rummage around again.

    1. I really want the Innkeeper's Daughter, so I don't think I've actually gotten "the" item yet, although the raptor fossil mount is pretty damn cool. But, Tome - kow-towing beetles?! And they sang "God Save the Queen" to me - that was pretty cool. Okay, they didn't really. But they should. Maybe in the next patch.

  2. Anonymous15.5.12

    Look forward to reading your post/s about it :)

    1. So far the Bowing Beetles win....


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