Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RTMT: Just like in real life.

Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you by Real Life Industries, because when you play hard, you should work hard!

Last week, PRI's The World had a brilliant series on class, caste, and social structures.  (This is one link to  a chat on PRI - you'll have to find the series yourself. Sorry.)


It made me think of the (tired) adage, the "American Dream" phenomenon, (as in how it doesn't exist, or paradoxically exists in nearly every culture), and how with the economies of the real world folding, shuffling, and polarizing each us of further apart. The RNGs must have a field day with this, playing gods to our little pixels, deciding whose fate or paths are pre-determined on our way to end-game nirvana. 

I could write a bit more, but at this point, I think I'll let you dear readers do your own pondering and musings, at your own leisure. 

But, before I go, wait. Are you sitting down? Last night I got a very sweet in-game leader letter from the raid letter leader of that misbegotten PUG. True story. I wrote back, also apologizing for my mistakes, and hoped we could try again sometime. 

That took real class.


  1. I haven't read Cynwise's post yet, saving that one as I can read it downstairs on the iPad where it's cool, lol.

    That is so nice that the raid leader wrote you, it's nice to hear when good things happen in game not just the bad.

  2. That would be in game letter from the leader: sheesh those early morning posts!

    1. Anonymous29.5.12

      I was blaming Gremlins.

      That letter is a nice rebound on the situation.

  3. I am glad he wrote you a letter. And Cynwise's post was interesting. I saw your comment too.

    Ancient has made me paranoid that I talk too much on realID. I think I'm too excited to talk to people.

    1. I love talking to you - if it's a friendly wave or a full-on chat, it's all welcome to me. I read that post a few more times today, and it's really true--sometimes I want to abandon a character but feel irrational about it, and wish I could just remake them sometimes. Oh well.

      Now I am officially up too late.


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