Friday, May 11, 2012

Wheel of Destiny: Dornaa

Dornaa's path will be elemental and restoration

(IC): Every circular tick, every rotund tock, every spin of the wheel, as Matty left Dornaa at the orphanage in the good care of Matron Mercy, she died a tiny bit inside--she felt it. Draenei live long lives when not otherwise thwarted by wars or manufactured means of destruction. If left alone, in peace, they are close to immortal. But these tiny heartaches demanded too high of a price. The decision was made to adopt Dornaa, and raise her as her own daughter. This had been Dornaa's wish all along, too: every night she prayed that Matty choose her, and maybe even her brother, too, and start a new life.

(OOC): Recently both Tome and JD/Amateur gave me a tiny nudge, unknowingly in JD's case, but I suspect Tome knew what she was doing all along, and the result is Dornaa. She is the Draenei orphan girl Matty has escorted two years in a row. JD's post on Reincarnation was added to the thought-pile of "what is a main?"

People speak of their mains frequently, and though I believe there is a rubric for what categorizes this (primary play hours, time spent with achievements, new content, end-game content, etc.), those of us who are serial alt creators and deleter-s find this concept difficult. Yes, if all of my characters were on a life boat and some needed to be tossed over, who would end up bubbling down to meet Davy Jones, and who would be eating sea rations? I guess I would choose Matty, but then Ceniza would grab her by the horns and head-butt her, Zep would add a touch of Devouring Plague, and then Lupe would toss her shield and go surfing to the next island (where she would meet a handsome troll shaman and they would have a torrid love affair, all whilst communicating in gestures and sign language. Talking is overrated anyway.)

So, like my dear friend Tome, we don't have "mains," we have "projects." The care and feeding of a young shaman girl is certainly a project. She adores Matty, and doesn't want to disappoint her, but needs to find her own path, too. Redemption through genetics. And re-rolling.


  1. I really love the idea of Lupe and her Troll...been smiling all morning...

  2. Torrid love on the island, I love it, I wonder if they'll tell us about it!

    I just emailed a client with a question. That always buys me time because they take so long to get back to you when you want something, lol, that I can now read!

    I really hope Dornaa turns out to be a storyteller like her new mom.


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