Monday, May 7, 2012

Lupe in disguise...

I cannot begin to tell you how inversely disproportionate my "to-do" list was this weekend and how magnificently I failed at 'real life.' I am sitting here facing a very harsh Monday morning with way too much to do in the next 24 hours, and same for Tuesday...and Wednesday...etc.

And yet, somehow, I justified falling down the rabbit hole, hell, I dove in head-first.

Recently I read a thread from I Like Bubbles' author on Twitter that was choking with resentment over being a grown-up. My dear girl, I completely, totally understand. Part of my recent hissy-fits with my boss came from complete resentment and frustration over someone simply not doing his/her job, but making my job(s) more unecessarily complicated. People throw their demands and delegations out there like unwanted children. Big responsibility comes with snotty noses.

Somehow I got the hair-brained idea that I would make Lupe into a healer. It's a plan that still just might work! My friend Ran got me VP bracers and boots, I re-specialized  (always nice to visit the paladins in the cathedral), and gathered a few more pieces with justice points.

Now--why this plan? Well, I am not sure. Discussing this on a walk yesterday, I just can't quit you, Lupe. Of all the characters --well, I'll get to that in a moment.

So, off I go, into LFR, just the final Deathwing phase, with 1900 spirit (good thing I didn't look at that before I went!), tanking helm, necklace, belt, ring, ring, trinkets, and shield, everything else poorly gemmed and unenchanted plate healing gear. Of course I ran out of mana like a hobo with a brown paper sack cocktail on a Saturday night! These numbers exists for a reason. But the group was solid--really solid. I healed fine, and it only got a little dicey toward the end. But karma, she is a bitch--I was hoping for the magical drop of a healing mace, or better yet, a tanking mace, but alas, of course not. Nothing. Now before I go in there I actually need to get more healing gear.

Now for those of you who would judge, I am not sure you are aware of my title, "Queen of Rationalization:"

  • I have been in LFR so many times with Zep, Matty, and Cen: my experiences have ranged from wipe, rogues pulling bosses, poor healers, no trinket drops (yesterday while healing on Matty the VIAL OF SHADOWS dropped, and a 8K Druid got it. ARRRRRRGH!!!!) and no one switches targets though the Machine Gods tell them to. I know, clicking a button is hard work.
  • It is intended for gear, valor points, and watered-down preview of fights. Having done them so many times and then stepping a hoof into a "real" normal DS was helpful, but not totally.
  • I have witnessed player after player cheat, follow, double-box, grab loot they didn't need, use, or whatever when others really did.
  • Every time anything goes wrong, the tank(s) is blamed. Period.
Which brings me back to Lupe.

She is a beautiful young paladin. She will gladly slam her face into any monster, boss, mob, so you don't have to mess up that pretty weapon of yours. And for her efforts, she is criticized, undermined, over-worked, and under-valued. And I just didn't want to expose her to the riff-raff that is public raiding. 

(Gee, project much, Matty?)

I have often said of all my characters, her role as a protection paladin is most like my real life. If "she" wants to push a few holy light buttons and try to get some decent tanking and healing gear (yes, because healing is kind of cool, and are always welcome to the party), then who are you to judge? 

Right now Amateur, Navi, Tome, Matticus, Jaded Alt, etc. all have posts that have sparked my imagination. Matticus is writing about blogging, the others are creating superheroes, and everyone seems to be having a lovely time out there in the world. 

I am not. Well, not all of the real world, anyway. 

Did I wasted 24-hours of play time on a Quixotic lost cause? Perhaps. But that rabbit hole was charming, and my friends were there, and there were a few successes. 

Oh wait -- did I mention: my friends were there? 

Yes--and it was the weekend. And what else are weekends for but to chill, relax, and laugh? 

Postscript: Lupe is accepting donations of crafted healing plate gear. Send any gifts of charity to: Luperci of Whisperwind, PO Box Dwarf Bank Mail Box, Stormwind, Azeroth


  1. Theme song: Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

  2. Oh no! You beat me! I was going to say Lupe in disguise with diamonds? I wish Lupe well on her healing project, I hope she continues to have a steady stream of friends to help. And I will pray to the Gods of Drop for her. Not sure it will help much as they never listen to what I want but maybe it helps if you're asking for someone else.

    Every time I comment on a Blogspot blog I really think I hear it groan. Oh no! It's that idiot that refreshes a bazillion times to get a captcha she likes. Oh, not her again.


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