Saturday, May 26, 2012

The face...and remembrance

Warning: There may be spoilers, but there will definitely be beauty.

The other night watching Game of Thrones (my reading in the novels coinciding just a few paces ahead of the TV show), I realized that Rob Stark's love interest was not the same as in the novels (or is it?) Critical plot points, characterizations, blah blah blah aside, what I noticed was how much the actress reminds me of who I imagine Zep to be:

The actress, Oona Chaplin, comes from acting royalty, and her presence on screen is luminous. And though character design is vastly contrasting: Zep is all light, white, and golden, while Talisa is dark, lithe and more Night Elf than Draenei. But to me, this is Zep: sweet, healing, through the blood and muck, and her graciousness shines through.

This is when I should just shut up and write: I have the luxury of a long weekend, thank you to the brave soliders, male, females, husbands, mothers, brothers, and sisters--no matter what anyone says about the US policies, and I have plenty to say myself, I will never disparage the men and women who serve. You are my real heroes, and you have my undying gratitude.

Theme song: Angie/Rolling Stones


  1. No, all we hear of Rob is that he fell in love and married when he was supposed to be marrying a Frey. And she is beautiful isn't she? And... well, maybe you can write a story about Zep's Rob :D ... as long as it doesn't end as tragically...

  2. Awww! Zep does have a story to tell, and if I get off my lazy writing fingers, gave myself a deadline of this weekend! :)

  3. Oh good, stories! I will wait patiently for Zep's story.


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