Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Intangible Nerd: IT IS THE RABBIT!

When I first opened up Tome's new post this morning, I had two thoughts:

1. Cannot compete with cute baby bunnies, and;
2. Maybe it's the Monty Python attack bunny!

I mention #2 because she also posted a Nerd Quiz. My score is mid-level (about where I would have predicted if I knew where a graphing calculator was--there is one in this place, somewhere).

Most of my points come on the backs' of others--I may not be a hard-core nerd, but I surround myself with them, and quite lovingly and willingly.

But, I think I should get a buff of points because of the Monty Python reference:

I'm warning you, so don't soil your armor!


  1. And, may I confess, that though he close to age of my parents,I still have a crush on John Cleese.

  2. I wish I had remembered this Monty Python Bunny. I would have remembered how devious and evil they can be, posing as cute fluffy animals. Let this be a PSA for unsuspecting bunny lovers, beware! They are crafty!

    Okay, now I'm going to watch it again.

    1. I was just flexing my nerd-cred!

  3. Must find this nerd quiz!

  4. Anonymous24.5.12

    As you would expect, this is the exact thing I thought of when I saw Tome's post.

  5. Anonymous24.5.12

    I thought of that too but if you haven't seen or read it yet (I posted about it a while ago) there will be something coming in Mists that will make you think of that very video... :P


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