Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Well-Educated Barbarian

Okay, got it all sorted out:

I have no idea what I am doing. Not the first time, and certainly not the last.

But, I do know how to read-- here are some helpful recent blog posts:

Blog of the Treant has done a fantastic series:

Matticus had a guest blogger who wrote about what to do before Mists (and I feel somewhat validated, I might add): the writer is Aunaka:

And finally, Vidyala at Manalicious posted this well-described essay on the social nature of what is coming our way:

I wonder sometimes if Vid is a Pisces, as I am, one who swims this way and that, and needs to hide under a rock sometimes. If she is, hopefully she doesn't have the affinity for beverages that I do).

And of course, Tome wrote from her humble (but "don't let it fool you she can really kick ass") perspective:

Maybe Guarf and Cross-dressing Rogue know how difficult it is for me to get up, get out of this chair, and extricate myself from D3, and Dornaa in Azeroth, and Zep's untold story, and Matty's, Ceniza is on fire to play, and Daoine is going to have to stave off the zombies all day. As Guarf reminded me in his optimistic way, summer is almost here, but getting to "there" is difficult. You think piles of burning zombies are bad? Just walk a mile in my leather boots.

No more grumbles--but for those of you who planned, took off, set yourselves free from the tethers of cubicles and floor mats, keep those zombies away from me? That's a dear.


  1. OMG! You are a Pisces, too!? Everything makes sooo much sense now. :P hehe

    ~ Effy

  2. See? Would have pegged you for a Scorpio! Too damn funny!

  3. Anonymous16.5.12

    I am a Pisces. ;) My Mom and I also share a birthday, she is a Pisces sun AND moon sign! I am a Pisces with Aquarius moon. Little did she know, you and I also both majored in printmaking! I remember reading that here and thinking things were getting a bit eerie and so I didn't say anything about it, haha.

  4. The printmaking coincidence...eerie and wonderful. Truly a rare spawn...I miss my acid baths and litho stones.../happy sigh

  5. I'm the Scorpio! I hope this comment makes it, I know I commented that I was glad you you got Diablo loaded but I must have screwed it up!

  6. This morning I wrote a long comment on Navi's blog and it did not make it. I am a Scorpio wannabe, all sexy and schtuff.

  7. Wait what comment? And you guys are so researched, I'm just going in their blind like a noob blowing things up and ripping books off shelves...

    1. It was on Keehaul's and it went through. That was really a lovely write up of an Azerothian philanthropist! Wonderful post. And Navi-- I have killed a sum total of 5 skeleton-zombie things. I have no idea what I am doing. Just because I can read doesn't mean I have read. I have--repeat--No Idea What I Am Doing. No background, no knowledge, no skills.

    2. No way, I have read even LESS than you about D3. SERIOUSLY! And I am seriously dyslexic. It's like WoW has ruined all my other kinds of game playing because I try to play them like I play WoW.
      OH you know me, I like writing about people who inspire me. Don't you ever die or disappear or anything because then I'll have to write one about you. I like you right here blogging, thank you very much.


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