Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh, pish-posh! I'm a Worgen!

(Tonight feels like blog catch-up--so many great ideas out there!)

Effy put out this little creative challenge - the Worgens had to flea, er, flee their homes, the aristocracy leaving in the flash of a is Nancy, a newly-married bride, out for a morning run on her wedding gift, a gelding named Patron's Sweet Tooth (she just called him Sweet for short), when the attacks ravaged Gilneas. Nancy Churchwright Umber could only leave with the boots on her feet, her cloak, and some black roses from a...meeting. Her husband was never found.


  1. Anonymous6.5.12

    Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!

    Seriously, this looks awesome (I've always had an affinity for that cloak skin as well).

  2. Thank you kind sir! Her poor groom--wonder what become of him?

  3. Nancy look beautifully aristocratic in her fleaing, sorry, fleeing outfit. Lovely but say at the loss of her husband.

    All these Worgen outfits keep making me think I could manage that starting zone again. I love the story but the starting zone, not so much!

    1. It's interesting, but it is one of my favorite starting zones, and my complaint is that Blizz does not use it after one "starts." It's haunting and Gothic. But still, still -- I do not keep Worgens because I do not like the model. I just can't. I wish they could stay human most of the time and only turn Worgen-ish in combat. It's embarrassing to say the cliche, "some of my best friends are Worgens," but I just can't get 100% behind a female model: perhaps one should be my first male character. I'm not even sure I can be a female panda (what with the tots and all). I could have an entire game based off of Karazhan, Duskwood, Gilneas, and Tainted Woods--all spooky zones!

    2. Wow, grats on figuring out what I said there. Yes, English really is my first language.

      I love the zone too, I just don't like the linear questing so much.

      Yes, I'm not sure I'm really a "Panda." They are very sweet and bouncy and totally not me but I know I'll at least level one up.

      A game based on those zones would be wonderful! Does Blizzard have a suggestion box?

    3. They may have that "box." It is round and made out of metal.


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