Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All I ever wanted to do was study...

Read, please:

Obviously, if you read my string of comments I have a lot more to say about this. This is not about feminism, socialism, or any ism (no--no.) It's about analyzing themes, dear readers. Themes we all share. The big questions. And as I said in one of my comments, the bulk of the words spilling out of my or my hairdresser's mouths are about the men in our lives. For me, even the "game" men. (Coincidentally there is a hairdresser in the stall next to the one I go to who plays, and I believe even met her boyfriend in game. She is a goddess of a woman: long, raven-haired curly tresses, apple-cheeked, big bright eyes and smile. I can imagine her serving pints in a pub in Theramore somewhere...)

So, read it when you have time. I appreciate very much one commenter's notice that game makers should heed Erinys's words. But---I'm not sure they haven't been, to tell you the truth. All the blog posts about feminism, chivalry, etc., make me wonder if women are getting what they want out of their game time in Azeroth. When we hold up the mirror, do we want to see the Dark Lady, or Jaina? (Well, the Dark Lady for certain.)

I was about to log off yesterday and saw a young player who is becoming a doctor. And, I thought to myself, I hadn't thought about him in a while, but did yesterday driving home, and then, coincidence, there he was. He's a great young man, so this has nothing to do with him. But this morning I was thinking, before I read Erinys' post, that finding a "doctor as a good catch" is no longer true. And yet--we have all these shows about housewives married to rich men so they can be Botoxxed and bon-bonned. We still buy into it, don't we girls?

But as my last comment said, and to add a small amount of clarification, happy endings do not come with imbalance of power. They can't by design. Fair play and balance, and mutual respect come out as success, truly.

We do love the drama, though.


  1. Erinys' post was wonderful. I'm afraid it helped build my anticipation for the coming expansion to the point that if it doesn't drop sooner than later I'll have a meltdown. I really, really want to see how Blizzard handles this.

    I must be getting old, I scrolled through my memory of recent conversations with women and they were all either dog or bunny related. Oh no!

  2. My hairdresser is a young bride and the care and training of young husbands takes up a lot of space.


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