Monday, May 7, 2012

But, dahling...NO CAPES.

Navi has put the challenge out there, and we found out a few weeks ago one of our favorite mutual characters is Edna from the Invincibles.

I know, I know, not quite right, but I call limits of time and space, and here she is:
Edna, the mastermind behind those wonderful costumes...

Edna Wannabe

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  1. OMG that is BRILLIANT! Though E is technically not a superhero but this is just brilliant, I love it.


    1. I realize she is not "technically" a superhero, but those helpful wizards who support the superheroes in their efforts. Navi, really, since when am I supposed to play by rules? :)

    2. Man-ohg-man, I wish I could play with Mogit on Tuesday mornings. :( I have so many other ideas!

  2. Anonymous7.5.12

    Hehe, love it!

    Oh, you forgot my link =/ is that why you haven't commented for a while?

    1. Honestly, Cymre, I had to think about that because yours is one of my all-time favorites. And then, I realized yours and Harpy's have both been doing a lot of panda stuff, and I've been avoiding panda stuff. I finally got the beta, but of course, it had bugs even in the download phase. Had an in-depth conversation with CDR (cross-dressing rogue) about the effects and values of betas in general, and his take (having much gaminng/design experience in the field) was not to worry about it. I have so much appreciated that those who wish to post stuff about MoP usually give me a clue in the title. I think I said before, if I had had the beta, and got it to work, I probably, knowing myself, would have been all over it, and I am grateful bloggers are posting information about it, because when I do launch it, and am lost in the bamboo forests, I know I have experts such as yourself to help me.

      You should know, too, that many of your images and creations are part of my inner-Azeroth scenary - so beautiful!

    2. Anonymous8.5.12

      Aww, thx Matty :)

      Not to worry though, I'm not doing many Panda posts anymore, maybe just the odd one when a new area opens... still have about 11 more 'silver dragon' highlights posts to do though. Hope most people aren't sick of them yet. Oh BTW, I noticed you have a twitter account a while ago but it doesn't look like you took to it as you only have one tweet LMAO.

      Oh you prob missed my placement post in the Dath Factor Fashion's in my rotating header if you want to take a peek :)

  3. This is great! The superheroes will have the best in support staff! Just no capes!


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