Friday, May 11, 2012



Let me see if I get this straight.

A colleague whom I adore stops me at lunch, and twists her mouth, hesitating to tell me something.

She says, "Xoxxo, I am not going to be playing WoW for a while." (She started a character last summer, and then made herself stop. Her husband and brother-in-law play.)

"But, why?" I ask.


She, husband, and brother-in-law were playing till the wee hours in battlegrounds, and I guess had Skype on.

Brother-in-law goes to let out dogs.

Never comes back.

Homeowners association is desperately trying to contact local police, wife, and him because dogs are barking at 3AM.

Wife is in Las Vegas.

Brother-in-law passed out (location unknown? Couch? Back sliding glass door?)

Wife is now home from Vegas, and very, very mad.

So there shall be no more WoW for a bit.

Now for those of you who are wondering why can't she just play, she enjoys playing with her husband by her side, that's that.

And doesn't want to get the authorities invovled.

Moral of the story: If playing WoW makes a Homeowners Association pissed off, seek help.


  1. Oh my. Well, that's an interesting story. Hm.

  2. One important detail is they had just moved into the neighborhood two weeks' prior, so this was not a very good impression on the good folks around the block.

  3. Oh wow, we would have been booted from that neighborhood. Our dogs sound the alarm whenever wildlife passes through our yard and we get plenty of deer and foxes passing through although squirrels and raccoons get a pass from them, don't know why.

    Never had WoW related barking though.

    1. Well, and I've never had WoW-related police reports, either. Let us all hope it never comes to that!


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