Sunday, May 13, 2012

The devil's in the pre-sales

OMG she is adorkable!!!
 And she's not asking Siri to order her tomato soup to be delivered on a rainy day - gotta love it.

(For fun last night, I also asked Siri if tomato soup could be delivered to my abode, and my reaction: "I'll be damned.")

Got to play a little bit of Diablo III at Blizzcon, but did not download or play the Beta. Nope. Just going to be my warrior girl when I can. But I can imagine I'm going to be losing a lot of my play friends to the demons of Diablo...going to be kind of lonesome for a while.


  1. Guarf13.5.12

    On the other hand, Battlenet works with Diablo, so those of us currently on sabbatical from WoW will suddenly return to your friends list!

    I will say I'm still not really missing Azeroth, but I do miss chatting with the Draenae.

    1. Those Draenae girls miss you too, Ser Guarf. And that is true - I noticed that when some buddies were trying out the beta. I had forgotten about that.


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