Friday, May 25, 2012

Freaks and Geeks...

Human female warlock and Night Elf warrior have some tator tots.

Today a true geek colleague gave me something at the end of the day. We were standing around, waiting to meet the crisp sunshine with threatening clouds that is a May day in the Northwest. She sprouted a virtual exclamation mark over her head, asked me to wait, and then got the object; it was a missing chess piece, she said reminded her of me. The Queen, of course. Not sure what the pawns and bishops are going to do, but sure they will muddle through somehow.

Now what exactly I am the Queen of, I am not kingdom is a moveable feast. I am not the Queen of Geeks, though. (See Ironyca's post, which is back to Tome's, and Navi's, and spiraling 'round and 'round the net.) The little Internet quizzes are fun, like the ones in Cosmo or Glamour magazines back in the day. But they are not data-driven or statistically accurate. No one should base a marriage or mate on multiple-choice questionnaires, nor should one determine his or her street geek-cred, either.

Am I a geek? Nah, actually, probably not. I never fit into any one group in high school, and in college still tried to figure out what was going on. Clove-cigarrette-smoking-experimental-bad-boyfriends-aside, it was all a bit murky. But what I did enjoy was the attention and love of the "geeks." Two of my best friends in high school were the ones who introduced me to the best music, and were just so cheered by my company, what girl, what queen, wouldn't enjoy that sweet attention? I am not knowledgable in chemistry and math, and even my literary expertise is deficient. What I am capable of is knowing who can figure it out if I need--loyal subjects who are resourceful and abiding. In other words, if I can't figure it out, I know those who can. And they see to like me.

So there must be a third option, to geek, or not to geek, or be the geeks' object of admiration? The girl in the 501s, cheering them on, a smile and a kind word. The jocks--one dimensional. Cheers to the nerds, dorks, and geeks who loved me.


  1. In high school I definitely didn't fit any group. Kind of an x-classer. I did however briefly become quasi-popular based on the boy I was dating, sheesh, and his was based on the fact that he was the only one in school with kind of a homemade diy prison tat, ah, high school. Thank Elune, never again.

  2. Homemade prison tat trumps B-52 awakenings any day! Maybe this is what is at the heart of a "geek," the sense on non-comformity and then finding one another.


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