Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me, myself, and "use of this pronoun is a relinquishing of power"

First of all - Happy Mother's Day: in the States, it's the Sunday full of obligation, love, and happiness, sadness, and all in between. Toughest job in the world. I'll be calling my mom soon--my mom is amazing. (But aren't all moms?)

Now to our regularly scheduled post:

Perusing through some NPR articles and WoW blog feeds, these two articles stood out:

and Big Bear's post on Cross-Realm leveling:

Of the comments, Esoteric's reflected my thoughts, especially the "awkward" part. I don't have active characters all across the realms, and am doing a house-cleaning of sorts today (that serial deletionist is on the loose again!) I'm not sure how to say this, but I think that my Real ID friends will most likely agree: there are reasons why there are peep-holes in doors (to screen the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons) and why we will beg Blizzard not to take the portals from Dalaran. In Blizzard's attempts to force us all to "just get along" we may rebel and rail against one another even more. We all have known the player whom we "caller id," and I am sure I have been "that player" for others too: when I didn't pick up on the social cues and tugged on netherweave sleeves too much.

The pronoun-use article really has nothing to do with cross-realm leveling. I had a thin connection centrifuging around my noggin this morning, but it got lost, spun out into the void. The pronoun article took me back to sophomore English when I was told NEIN! verwenden Sie nicht das Pronomen ich! This style issue was never explained by the teacher, just a "don't do it." This article explains it, finally. Every time I dotted an "i" (not with smiley hearts) or cross the fjords of "t's" it nagged at me. (We all have those inner dialogues/voices of those who have taught/criticized/instructed us how is it we remember only certain odd moments, and not the times when someone told us "we got it right?" I'm sure there's an NPR article about that somewhere, too.) 

In any case, some of these solutions that Blizzard comes up with kind of, well, piss me off. As other commenters said it may not be the game developers intent to pin-point me and make me mad--they're not sitting around a conference table somewhere with Perrier and discussing ways to decrease my personal enjoyment of game-time. 

But -- let me share something. I don't go on Facebook that much anymore--it has lost my attention, and those are people I love! It has become an announcement forum for sick toddlers, disgruntled employees, and cousins who help polarize politics. When I escape to Azeroth, I want pretty ponies, raiding time (yes--wait for it) and just hanging out with a small group of close play buddies. Oftentimes, I have mused about being able to obtain elite, amazing mounts or go on an epic quest on my own. The raiding time? Blizzard--PLEASE -- I just don't have the schedule to raid on a regular schedule. I just don't. And that is kind of --counter-intuitive? Think about it. Did Vikings have Blackberries and i-Phones, and ask Siri to schedule their next raid? "Siri here. I'll put that pillaging on your calendar."

Ultimately, though, it won't matter. And that is the cool part. We craft our enjoyment in our own ways, on our own time. I do like LFR (see the post coming later today), and my Real ID buddies have formed our groove of "Can you come out and play? Yes/No?" No harm, no foul.

So, for now, off to do some things, catch up on Tome's Twister Nether podcast, and enjoy a rare sunny spring day. 


  1. So much catching up to do, and then I go off on a pronoun tangent and now I want to go count all my I's. I think I have a lot.

    Oh no, I just read that that and it's full of them. I must perceive Matty to be a very powerful Shaman!

  2. I've given myself the writing reminder to try not to use "I" so much, but it is damn difficult. Gotta get that 10th grade English teacher's voice OUT OF MY HEAD SHE DEVIL!

    And I can't wait till they post your podcast. Squee!


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