Monday, May 28, 2012

Lock and roll.

Once again some things converged.

This past week, I finished Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men.  Aside from having this overwhelming, 'where have you been all my life' feeling about Terry Pratchett, there is a repeated term the Nac Macs use, "kelda." Using my lofty powers of context clues, I figured out it must mean a witch, or queen. Or Witch Queen.

It is an absolutely, completely, charming book. My paperback copy is now chock-full of annotations and highlight quotes (Kindle was left at home).

So, being the clever witch I am, thought I would make a character named Kelda. Not that there aren't already 32 million Terry Pratchett fans out there, it was somewhat original, right?

Silly witch. Literary references are for smart players. There are 219 Keldas listed in the armory. But see, I know how to make funny typography, and made a Kélda. There are three of us.

And then, I met this Kelda:

Damn. Probably should have rolled another priest. Not quite sure why Kelda was slumming it in an LFR, but hey, even shadow priests need valor points, too, I suppose.

On a completely different note, Momo's coming along fine. Waiting to get done with her heirlooms so she can hand them over to Kélda. While in Utgarde (still laugh over friend's comment that every time Ingvar dies, an angel gets her wings) she noticed some things:

Vykruls have cool tats, and:

Their furnishings are pretty fun, too. And damn, that stew looks good!

Was lamenting to Guarf that I wish "Matty" could get some tats. She would love nothing more than to go native with the Vykruls. He commented that in his opinion, that should have been the next race. Agreed. Maybe not replacing worgens or pandas, but it sure would have been cool. As Guarf would say, "Just sayin'."


  1. Anonymous28.5.12

    Dear Sweet Illidan! If the Vrykul had been a plyable race, I would have one of every class and female. They would be my fastest toons to 85, easily....seriously. *drool*

    Okay, done being the typical male pig. Seriously, though, I loves my Vrykul women, especially the frost ones. I wish I could explain why, but I got nuthin'.

    Oh, and talk to Mrs. Amateur. She is "One With The Pratchett."

    1. I adore her even more, if that was possible. Have been a huge Neil Gaimann fan for years, and he's a fan of Pratchett-- it was just one more thing on my list, and this week, had time to read. Laughted at loud at more than one portion, and thought it rocked. Will read more!

      Sometimes...sometimes...I wish Blizz would, well, indulge my own wishes. *sigh*

  2. Hey, I never noticed those tats! Pretty sweet screenshots there Matty.

    1. Well, when they're dead they stand still pretty well! Ha! I have a "thing" for those Vykruls, so ...yeah.

  3. I'm with J.D on this one. I'd have an army of Vrykul women in no time. Failing that, I'd settle for an orb of deception type thingie which turned me into one. I'd even level archaeology on every character for that.

    Huge fan of Terry Pratchett too, I love the Wee Free Men series, especially the last one which I think is called "I shall wear Midnight".

    1. There is a quest chain which turns you into one when you fly or visit Brunnhildar, and that is close as I've gotten:

      So many books to read, it's brilliant!

      Love the thought that since the new race ship seems to have passed us players by, perhaps they will offer us something in archeology - that is a great idea, Erinys!

  4. Anonymous30.5.12

    Trufax: I was painfully disappointed to learn about the Pandaren, because I really, really wanted to play a Vrykul caster. Or hunter. Or wyrm caller. I mean, come on, VIKINGS! AWESOME, RIGHT? fasl;fja;slfkjas;ldfjaslfdj BUT NO, PANDAS.

    1. I would have made a gorgeous Vykrul girl, too - all bearskins and whatnot. Ah, they shall make me a panda, but they will never TAKE MY FANTASIES! HOOORAH!

  5. Vrykul is a race I'd gleefully play at the drop of a hat, too.

    My "Wee Free Men"-inspired "Kelldah" is a Troll Druid on my F2P secondary account. But she's fuschia-haired, not red-haired, because I like the white & dark blue coloration of the Trollbear/Trollkitty best. :D

    1. That would be a good post -- how hair color influences our alter-ego, shape-shifting selves!

      Oh, Blizz...why? Why did you not give us Vykruls?!


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