Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just peachy.

Having trouble with the whole "I broke the Internet" thing, and think all is on the mend, but not without having to kill a computer gremlin or two. Apparently "somebody" put "something" on my computer that was keeping all the good stuff out. Damn, wish it had the AI to sort through my screenshots automatically. Bottom line, no Diablo III yet, while I feel like all the rest of my friends got ice cream money from their moms and are chasing down the drumstick and popsicle man, I'm just messing around with Momo. (And that is NOT what "she said.")

But, happy accidents:

Got in a few runs with some great folks, and DK tank tells me that Momokawa means "peach river" in Japanese. Soru, from Laughing Skull- you're the coolest! I was thinking how fortuitous this is for a Druid--her orange sigil is kind of peachy, a deep peach, and I love peaches, especially peach cobbler. (Which reminds me of a fight my mom and favorite uncle had once over her peach cobbler, that it was not the same as the Nanny J*****'s, their grandmother, and hurt feelings and big tears ensued. It was delicious, and made all the more so with the bitter pit of my family's dysfunctional goofiness.)

He also told me to look up momo kanji and kawa kanji:

and I looked up momo kawa kanji and got some sexy anime. Well, not really, but a link to Sentai Filmworks.

In any case, she is lovely. She received a new leather kilt, so immediately had to go and change hair color, style, and other items to match. Naturally.

Theme song: Peaches/POTUSA (there are ninjas, so keep watching)


  1. Anonymous15.5.12

    Really love the outfit! Let's face it, Kilt of the Night Strider is just awesome.

    I remember gemming it heavily (yay for having a JC) towards a Rogue and wearing it in PvP because it was still better than the legs I had at the time. Screwed with a lot of Horde, I think.

  2. Thanks, Amateur! And after i left that group, I got in another run or two later with the same tank - very nice person! Think she really looks great, and has quite a nice section of maces, too. Thinking about taking Lupe and Zep back through those dungeons - there are some treasures!

  3. Peach River is such a wonderful name and she looks so lovely. Yep, I spent my ice money on Diablo yesterday, enjoying it more than I thought I would. This is going to interfere with my money making plans in Azeroth if I'm not careful!

    1. This is what was weird, too: so I found this friendly DK who gave me this information, and had to go for a bit, came back to run a few more and found terrible, mean groups. Tried again - and lo and behold! Got this player again! Not sure that has ever happened before. So, hopefully Momo made a new friend. What an odd day yesterday was.

  4. That is one hawt druid.


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