Saturday, May 5, 2012


My long-time in-game friend, aka Señor, has always kind of spoiled me. He allowed me to change the name of the guild, and I came up with <Elwynn County Bail Bonds>. It's a long story, but basically, upon the advice of council, and pleading the Fifth, I cannot divulge the reasons why without incriminating myself.

And I know there will always be things we do not know about people, especially those with whom we have a 'pen pal-esque' friendship. I feel like I know Tome, and Navi, but unless I uncover some frequent flyer miles around here somewhere, visiting them is highly unlikely; however, there are some things we can figure out about people. My friend must have been raised to never say anything unless it's a nice thing. If he does not like my idea he is too polite to out-and-out say so. This personality trait observation is a summation of months of playing with him, and having him for a friend. I have noticed after one hissy fit of mine while tanking with him, he sweetly but deftly sidesteps any instant-queue bonus of having Lupe tank for him again, though he knows she's always behind on her valor points. I do not take this personally, which is rare for me. I tend to take everything personally. But if there is any perspective, I think it's actually very sweet.

When Effy speaks of chivalry, and others call it common courtesy or manners, there is another path, the one my friend takes. He is truly a gentleman and a friend--he does not speak harsh words, he does not get upset, and is always happy with every success, and kindly listens to every frustration. I am blessed to be his friend, and have his protection.

This post comes from a few places, well, perhaps just two. First, I think it's always important to tell the people who matter to us we care about them, often, and without shame. Second, a converging moment, was Tome's post about a lost soul, Dora.  We all hope Dora is okay. But we just can't know.

Postscript: Señor, your cat left some of his business cards with the Stormwind guards. Business should be picking up soon.


  1. Señor sounds like a wonderful friend, give him a digital hug from me.

    This is killing me trying to figure out the story behind Elwynn County Bail Bonds, lol!

  2. In the coming weeks perhaps the tale shall be told.


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