Friday, May 18, 2012

Burns, burns, burns...

Dear readers and friends, and friends who are readers, you probably have figured out that my human self, as much as I want to, cannot reside in Azeroth 24/7. We all have other interests, and this is healthy. One piece of advice I take from the opening splash-screens is "Get outside of Azeroth." Reading bits of news this morning, I cannot believe I almost missed this:

Ring of Fire Eclipse

National Geographic
This is so cool, that I'm even posting during a break at work. It's a good thing, because if my brain wasn't engaged right now in writing, I would go face-first into my instant mocha and drown a coffee-death, I am that tired (and weepy--hate when that happens). It was a long day for our stalwart Miss Matty's human self, and yet--managed to keep a smile, lipstick, and warm disposition on.

Now--I mentioned I was weepy. When I get this exhausted, and yet have many a mile to go before I sleep, and promises to keep, there is nothing to be done for it. The front part of my brain/frontal lobe aches, my eyes feel puffy and full of toxins, and those toxins need to be cleansed - hence the tears. This morning I tried to check in with the Draenei girls, and repeatedly got kicked off of the server. I guess they were trying to tell me to bugger off and kept hitting their own snooze alarms. Smart girls. I am jealous.

So, the big swirly vortex of my favorite bloggers is the new blogger thingy.
Check out Tome's, Navi's, JD's, And if I have any credibility at all, my old post on it, too, before there was an initiative.

Now, in the process of writing this, my work laptop has gone all wonky, so I am going to hit the publish button soon. There are more instant coffee packets, so--till next time. Once in a while--my only advice this morning--look up.

Too sad: Hurt/Johnny Cash
Too obvious: Ring of Fire
Just right: I walk the line...


  1. Thank you for that, I hope you'll be able to see it. I've bookmarked the live coverage so at least I'll be able to view it there.

    And now I'm going to reread your post on blogging with the music of Johnny Cash accompanying it!

  2. With our cloudy skies perhaps a trip over the mountains is in store, so live coverage may be the means. Rare cosmological events still fascinate us carbon-based life forms!

  3. Ooh an annular eclipse! You know, I'm a bit of an eclipse chaser :) In November this year I'm heading up to the Northern part of Australia to see another solar eclipse (I went to southern Australia and Turkey just to see Solar eclipses). Watch the live stream if you can, I find eclipses are just amazing and breathtaking!


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