Friday, May 4, 2012


See? That's Zep all dressed up like Ysera!
This is somewhat of a placeholder-post. I have a rare Friday morning where I don't have to be at the two places I have to be before I go to the place where I have to be. Have to. Xak asked if I wanted to do normal Dragonsoul earlier in the evening last night, and yes indeedy, I sure do! It was a blast, and I stayed up way past my bedtime, and we got through the Warmaster, but alas, the spine through us, so to the final round we were all a bit tired. When you run with noobs, well, that's what the pros in the group got. There are many things I could learn from further practice and a few videos, but all in all it was fun.

And--that is where they store the Essences of Destruction. Now these essences are my recent obsession. They go from 800-1000 gold in the auction house each. I went against advice and bought a recipe for really cool pants that both Ceniza and Zeptepi can use. They require dreamcloth (8) and essences of destruction (8). Xak had some method for those, and it killed me every time someone else got them, because I want to make those damn pants. I have the dreamcloth, but alas, the essences are going to take time and gold--just in time for the pandas, I am sure.

So this is about patience.

It occurred to me the yesterday afternoon after repeatedly finding wiping LFR groups that I have out-played the value of LFR--and it was past time to find a "real" raiding group. I have missed the boat on the essences, the gear, etc. once again because of my fears. The players in LFR are those who have either just leveled 85s or are looking to cap out some valor (me).

No gear dropped, or at least none that I won, that Zep could use, and the essences were all distributed to other players. I did purchase one from a friendly player, but could only afford market value.

So, let's see. I think I know have 3 essences, and I need five more.

Get busy, Zep. Time is running out.

Theme song: The Lament of Captain Placeholder


  1. Damn...hate finding errors when I am at work...that would be "threw" us. I am sure I will find more.

  2. I am going to soak my eyeballs in my venti americano now.

    1. Anonymous4.5.12

      You're further than I have been now.

      If it makes you feel better I'm looking at my 510 Leatherworker thinking it's probably time I capped him. Especially when I need pants made for Siori's latest transmog build. As well, my Blacksmith sits at level 72...75 would open up the 450-525 bracket of recipes and so much more for him (and my goldpouch). I just lost the feel for my DK for a bit again. C'est la vie.

      LFR is still, on average, better by far than LFD...unless you're in Hour of Twilight Heroics. At least from a healing point of view, that's how I feel. If I go into Cata dungeons it's usually on regular because of the absurdity I've seen and heard from Heroics. Heck, I'm now wondering if I even have a non-HoT Heroic achievement...

  3. Oh no! A new obsession! I will wish very hard for you to get lucky on five more real quick. Errors, what errors, I never see other people's, only my own.

  4. I have typos all the time. I'm just terrible I think. And I never notice your typos, you probably don't have any.

    Good luck with those essences!


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