Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not the only game in town...

...but the only one I may have time to play.

Randomly clicking away this morning, game across a Curse sweepstakes:

Game of Thrones RPG

I tried to play Skyrim. I did. But it made me sick. Lest you think it is because I am over the age of 12, this manner of game play makes many people sick: interested to see if GOT makes me seasick, too.


  1. WoW is about the only game which doesn't make me sick :(

    I still play first person shooters and Dragon Age (Origins and II) but I have to take loads of breaks. Can't play for more than 30 minutes at a time but I've never had an issue with WoW which is probably both a blessing and a curse :D

    Think the record goes to one of the Lego Indiana Jones games which had me puking literally after about eight minutes playing it cooperatively on a playstation.

    If GoT doesn't make you sick please blog about it as I'd love to expand my lists of games I can play without being sick/having to lie down with a headache for two days at a time.

  2. So glad I am not the only one- thank you for your comment. And I shall, my dear Erinys, but from the looks of it, it may have the same hyper-realistic, bobbing motions as many of these games do. One thing (broken record time) I noticed was the male characters seem very well drawn and defined, and the women (woman) more rubbery. Guess it's easier to use facial hair as a distinguisher. Don't want my ladies with beards, I suppose!


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