Friday, May 25, 2012

Coffee Klatch

I do not know what it is, but had this post in mind before I read Bear's, I swear. Oh, Collective Conscientiousness!

So, Lost Soldiers of Darkness approved my application. All I can say is, if they are disappointed in me, I was honest on my application, so on we go. It's time to grind that guild rep again, and prove myself worthy. Upon accepting my invitation, a player who was in RWS recognized my name, so that made me feel very welcome. First impressions--they seem like a funny, warm group--and as CDRogue and Tome told me, they are lucky to have me.

Matty wonders where they keep the Thermos...

Many a time I've wandered around Azeroth, and feel like I've caught the NPCS on their coffee breaks. Many mornings my routine is to wake up very early, drink a lot of coffee, and then have it sustain me through the day. I don't do energy drinks, and try to eat right and take my vitamins, but coffee is life.

I have mentioned that I used to work at Starbucks. It's a long story, but it saved those in my life. Its health insurance for part-time employees was an absolute necessity, and it helped me get through my Master's program. But it wasn't easy, and created an addiction to hand-crafted coffee I have not been able to truly shake. I don't stop every day, usually it's my own cheap brew, or McDonald's, always black. I'm sweet enough, thank you.

The routines of the day can hinder and bolster us, I believe. The little normalcies that create our worlds. I'm trying to keep this positive attitude in mind when I start grinding away for rep, and make a new place for myself. JD posted about the daily cap going away -- this is good news for a "alt mother" of five--and maybe there will even be time for an Americano. Or two.


  1. I hope your new guild is a perfect fit! I read Bear's post and resisted another cup but now you've just pushed me over the edge, I'm not too insane about coffee, except for grinding the beans myself!

  2. I agree, they are lucky to have you! If they don't appreciate you well... they've obviously got their blinkers on. Ancient will agree with me that you are one awesome person to have around - a total blast in fact :D

    1. You need to know at this instant I am sitting in my truck laughing my head off over the blinkers thing! That is going straight into my vernacular!

  3. Anonymous25.5.12

    Wow, you've changed the look of your blog again. I love my coffee in the morning. I have two at the most when I'm working but usually it's just the one in the morning.

    PS. I agree that any guild will be lucky to have you.

    1. Thanks Cymre! I take a lot of banner shots so look changes may be frequent


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