Thursday, May 24, 2012

Road Crew

Navigating my noggin (more like noggin-fogger) this morning:

I Like Bubbles Highway:

I Like Bubbles has moved to a new venue:

Most players/gamers worship her, for good reason. She's funny as hell, and you know, has flow charts.

I do not have flow charts. They remind me too much of my job. Lots and lots and lots of "thinking maps."

My brain routes are hitting a lot of dead-end streets these days.

Navimie Boulevard, at the cross-streets of Maybe and Probably Shouldn't:

Saw Navi's comment on Tree Heals about not being able to get tanks, and I thought, "Hey! Maybe Lupe wants to go all Orc or Blood Elf and tank for Navi's team!" and then the second thought was --this is too much of a risk. She has a cracker-jack team whom she's been playing with for a while, and just moving into her neighborhood is not cool. Besides, the beautiful and brave Luperci would never, ever forgive me.

Guild Recruitment Avenue

Recently, I went through the formal process of applying for a guild. I have never done this before, and already have preemptive feelings about the whole thing. For one, the guild was recommended to me by a very good friend, and I know I'll have positive recommendations from him and others. But--how do you know you're a good fit? There is no way to tell. The last question reminded me of an interview I had years ago, where they asked me, "You are in a white room. How do you feel?" (I've written about that before.) The question was, "Do you use the keyboard or your mouse to move?" It was either/or, not situational, and my fingers figuratively blushed--yes, both, but mostly keyboard, and then when I have an add-on like Healbot configured, then the mouse. I gave my Razer Naga to someone who needed it more at the time, and though it's been on my list, not a priority. Kind of like, it's stupid to buy a wedding dress before he's popped the question.

Whatever happens, I have these moments that tickle the snot out of me:
Ceniza in Well of Eternity, in drag, feeling...hairy.
Truth be known, I still just want to follow Xak around and have him tell me what to do in a raid situation, even if there is a "bored/whisky" debuff that kicks in, and no means of dispelling.

And I just need to remind myself, even if I don't make the 'team,' back in the day I did not make the cheer leading squad, but could still do the splits for years afterwards. All risks have value, and pulled groin muscles.


  1. Hilarious character screen! Gosh tanking for my guild is scary, you may decide not to be friends with me because of some of our hardasses! But it would be fun to play with you :)

  2. I hope you find a good fitting guild. I think they'd be lucky. One of the great parts of JD's casual raids is waiting to see what you're going to pull out of your hat next. Oh no, it's bunnies!

    I didn't try out for cheer leading, we had a Drill Team (probably cause it was a US government run school) where you twirled around fake rifles, how cool is that!

    It was so worth it as after years of trying I too finally managed to do the splits!

    1. Checked my email and made the cut...more to follow!


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