Saturday, May 26, 2012


I realize this is impossible, to get the last word on anything, but I will foolishly try. Many NBI (new blogger initiatives) posts still crop up--many are written in a series, or what they have been inspired by.  That is all well and good, even great - writers write. It's my motto.

But this is one thing I think may have been overlooked in all of this, or I just missed it in the TLDR category:

Your blog is truly your journal.

When I look back on these posts, and cringe or laugh depending on their content, it is a raw expose of those things and mistakes I have made. Like one of my diaries from the past: MY MOM IS SUCH A B*TCH (I'm sure I NEVER said this!) to tear-stains, doodles, lists, and then always, the minutiae and the monumental of events.

There is no other place, other than your personal journals or photo albums, like a blog to keep track of your journey.

When other writers, including myself, just say--write--we mean just that. Write it down now to remember who you were, and who you are trying to be.


  1. Anonymous26.5.12

    I like it!

    Only last night I was back posting some of the events that have happened over the past year and gee times have changed since then. Guild and friend list in particular.

    1. It really is a chronicle of who we are, isn't it? I think that is the essence of creation--always changing, yet, the we stay at the heart of our own narratives.

      And, damn, can't get these blog colors right. And the sun is shining. And there is laundry.



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