Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drabble: Seduction

Steadfast, man...chaining the beast...

Jarel paid Kélda no heed. She was a witch, and not to be trusted. He knew her kind. It pained him to stay in this evil, empty place, knowing the warlocks cavorted down below.  Gods knew what they did in their shadows. His imagination…stirred him. He must resist. Daily, almost hourly, she ran past him, stopping once to try to seduce him, but he would not be swayed. His loyalties to the King were tenuous at best, and this witch would not push him further into darkness. Humans are so limited in their vision. He has his demons to consider.


  1. Thank Elune he didn't do more than ... stir. Druid would be getting into it with another Warlock over Jarel and she has enough trouble with Warlocks already!

  2. I am sitting here cackling like an old witch - my money would be on Cat if it came down to claws v imps in a lovers' triangle throw-down! The Slaughtered Lamb is quiet...too quiet here on Whisperwind. A girl gets bored, ya know? Maybe she'll find something better to do, like figure out the 3,478 spells she gets every time she levels up. Curses! Lowest DPS again!

  3. Anonymous30.5.12

    Oooh, shall we consider this a storytelling character then? That would just be...ironic (it will explain itself later). in Illidan's name do you have a SCYTHE already???

    1. Oh most definitely JD (as most of my little characters are--but I promise you, the day I grow a tail, two horns, and 7' tall is the day this blog becomes non-fiction!)

      And so pleased you noticed...!!! There is a warlock dungeon quest at that level in Shadowfang, and I was all over that like white on rice, a bluejay on a junebug, stink on...well, you get the idea.

    2. Anonymous1.6.12

      Ah, I see. When I asked the question I wasn't aware of what level you were at the time and thus didn't know you'd reached Shadowfang content. Very nice class reward. I might have to keep that in mind should the day come where I actually play a Warlock past 15 (I'm working on it, dang it).

  4. I was cracking myself up because though she has an heirloom staff, chest, and helm (all transmogged of course) her other gear was missing or garbage. Must have been made dizzy by all the smoke and mirrors she was throwing out there, letting the demons do the heavy lifting. It has been fun to quest with her but five nabs, not so much. I see a lot of being kicked in her future.


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