Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sub-heroes Series: M

I got myself tickled by the thought of putting together Mog sets for those unsung hero-helpers, the characters who help the heroes, but are not the heroes themselves.

This is my quick, down-and-dirty homage to M:
(Miss Moneypenny is next, and Q):*

Oh, I can, and will do better:

Silly job! Always getting in the way of my writing! Do you think they'll accept a note from a Tauren Druid/healer as medical proof I need to stay home and write?

*A homage to the characters of Archer is planned, too. But if any of you want to beat me to it, go for it!


  1. Anonymous9.5.12

    I love Judy Dench in that role :) Hmm I haven't seen a Bond film for ages... may need to rectify that. Cute set :)

    Oh and I'm my OWN RARE SPAWN!! So exciting :P

    1. I love Vid's art of you - it is amazing! So coool!

  2. I love that you're supplying the support staff for all those Superheroes, I know Catwoman feels better knowing M is backing her up!


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