Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lost and found...treasures

Thank you, Blizzard:

Yesterday evening druid cub reports of the Black Market coming with MoP, too. Immediately conjuring images of monkeys' paws, gremlin boxes (don't feed it after midnight!) and opium smoke drifted through my mind's eye. Who knows what wicked treasures will be available? Not sure how I feel about the stereotypical "mysterious Asian" aspect to the whole thing, but perhaps if I can get the word out on Roger Shimomura's art, cultural sensitivity will rule the day. I am hoping the mention of opium doesn't get me in trouble.

Erinys has a post:

My first instinct, too, was twofold: first, this sounds kind of dodgy, and second, what a great new resource for stories!

But realistically, I know, I just know, I won't have the gold. My bags are always empty, and that character trait is as unlikely to change as growing another set of horns.

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