Saturday, May 19, 2012

Collective consciousness

What is it about our thinking that seems to be more than coincidental? I have noticed that something random will pop in my head, and within 24 hours, a repeat of the thought will be reinforced. For example, I'll think, "Gee, what is Archbishop Benedictus' story, anyway?" and then BAM! This blogger posted this very thorough explanation and background: The Missing Story of Archbishop Benedictus.

The question at the end of the superb article asks about other characters I am curious about, whose lore and legends may not be as defined as some. I will say that when I get around to the Know Your Archetype: El Patron, I will use this as a definitive example. Lots of daddy issues in this one.

Lately I've been strumming around Azeroth looking at the odd objects, but more on those later. Right now I'm wondering how it got to be noon and nothing is done...oh wait. Not true. I did read a great article.

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