Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Low man on the totem pole...

Oh, man was today a long day, and I'm not sure if it was made longer or not by trying to do Dragonsoul again tonight. We ended up getting three of the nicest players I've met in a long time to fill in missing guildmates, and the clear was fast, but...what was not so slick was how wombly I felt the entire time. I can only describe it as going from driving with the steering wheel on the left to the right - everything seemed the same, but I kept running off into the ditch. Between my work schedule hitting the same time as the patch, there was no time for me to really look at what happened to me-- and I am not ashamed to admit when young leet druid looked over my shoulder and said "Twenty K?" I felt those hot tears of frustration starting to roll. It was on Ultraxion, one where I have shone like a little superstar, but tonight, it was a implosion. The night was not a total loss, though - I did chuck myself under my chin and tell myself to put my big-girl panties on and chill. Our RL has given us a full week, and I am going to use that time to get it back together, pick up the broken pieces of my totems, and move on.

Remember when I asked what would I be taking with me? I can't find the screen shot now, but it was a totem relic I made when I first started. It has a little tiny bird icon on it, in oranges and yellows, and if remember correctly is part of the questing chains in order to become a shaman, but maybe my memory is muddled.  But it's greyed out now, and worthless. But it's in my bank, and there is shall stay, until the pixel dust fades and the stars burn out.

Oh, and someone reserved the name "Mrswhitworth."

That is so uncool.

Taking my sad-panda self to bed.

Maybe things will clear up in the morning.


  1. I feel your frustration Matty. My helaing is a bit wobbly and my mana depletes early and I felt like I was a little sluggish. I hope you find your feet quickly, and at least you were in Ultraxion. I was just doing Firelands and feeling a bit struggly.

    1. Knowing you and your awesomesauce-self, you'll be out there healing the beautiful world in no time! But thanks for telling me that - good to know we're all in this boat together.

  2. Things are certainly weird right now. I can't figure out why my Druid is taking damage from things that did no damage before, and Warlocks, sheesh.

    But REALLY? Mrswhitworth is taken! How could they! Now that IS too much to deal with in one day!

    1. I think I need to do an addendum, I have so much to say. It got even worse: because I was helping my mom out, which doesn't begin to compare with anything in game, I missed the Level 85 mark on Classy Gnomes, and now they added Monk to the achievement, so all my work on Heartichoke was, not wasted, but not the best use of my time before game. I agree with your post Tome, coulda-shoulda-woulda, but all in all I have no regrets. My biggest worry - number one -- was that other players would not respect my 'space' and let me figure things out. Going to Dragonsoul last night was definitely 'sink or swim' - but I did learn a lot. My RL told me later that I should be able to hit my spells blindfolded so I can focus more on 'raid awareness.' I take this critique well, but the defensive side of me wonders if he gives the same advice to the lock who falls overboard or the druid who wanders off to eat daisies. (All players make mistakes, or there's lag, or something. Asking me to relearn to play my metahphorical piano pieces on a flute is going to take some time.)

      It struck me though, that leveling all those alts is going to provide me some game flexibility--if for some reason I never get Mataoka back to top, or seeking top, performance, and it never feels right again, I have options. Although, it does sadden me that all those other options, she is singular in her abilities. I have no other melee character.

      Maybe it's time to do those pieces of advice that were offered last go 'round: Strip down. Start over. Read. And do some PvP to practice without any long-lasting consequences (apologies to PvP enthusiasts).

      My mom had surgery and back issues, and basically won't be able to use her left foot/leg again for a minimum of six months to two years, if at all. I am sharing this because I am reminded again, as with Josh's article above, everyone, every single one, of us is dealing with "stuff" all the time. I share this as a big "keep it in perspective" for us all. There are many new fun things to see, try, and do, and speaking for myself, am trying to use my frustration as a 'growth' opportunity. I was musing in the shower this morning about a comment someone said last night, that there was a player who loved to play "Bejeweled" during raids. I know what it is, I had friends who were completely addicted to it for awhile, but I never got into it, ever. I then realized most 'games' I enjoy playing involve knowledge and stories -- hey! I've heard of a game like that!

      I have two very long days ahead of me, but fun days, and then there's the long weekend to see if I can get my bunched-up twisted panties (metaphorically speaking of course) out of their knot and get my horns back in the game.


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