Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Transmogolympics: Frisbee Fanfare!

Woohoo! The Discus Results are in! And Khizzara has created a fantastic narrative!

Toss your shield this way:

I'm still not clear on who won what, because I lost track of the yardage, etc. but damn, they were all winners to me! I am especially fond of those who just equipped a shield, because using other weapons for a discus throw kind of confused me. (Think I am the only one who felt this way, and I kept it to myself.)

I was sitting here thinking, though, why would there be a sport where you need to throw a plate really far? And of course, stupid, it's because of shields! All games are essentially war games - we play to compete and fight. One of the first attacks Lupe has is slamming her shield into a mob! Maybe she'd be a better paladin if she was more concerned with her aggro than her purple pauldrons. Perhaps.

One thing I have noticed is what I feared would happen - in comments, etc. participants are starting to question/ponder or have concerns over choices of materials, or judges' views, etc. All I will say is remember it's all in fun, and I believe JD's intent was to share some great ideas around a fun theme.

Oh- Cymre posted these fabulous looks!

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