Saturday, August 25, 2012

Homeward bound...

Okay, one parting shot from the Bluebonnet Cafe, famous for pies and road-hard-and-put-up-wet waitresses:

Much, much better than it looks...
This is what was left of my chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, Italian style green beans, cooked in copious amounts of bacon, cornbread roll, and fried okra. Shockingly, I did not gain 20 stones on this trip (sounds so much better than 50lb or whatever the conversion rate is), and am looking forward being home.

I have many thoughts swirling around right now--but perhaps a sense of calm before the storm, and just trying to look at the big picture. I was thinking recently that I need to tap more into my 'concrete' side--I had taken one of those personality tests and I hit right in the middle of abstract/random-abstract/concrete. This is so true. And a year ago, I posted these thoughts on a speaker about tree and forest people. As I have gotten to know folks, I can see where they fall on that spectrum. You know who you are. If you think you know me, and laugh when I say I have a concrete/tree side, it is true- I can be very balanced. I see the big idea, and then I see what it would take to get it done. We need the forest people (glanced at JD) and we need the tree people (nods at guildmate who knows much). For example, I have not been spending my in-game time on farming or making gold. I've been spending it on Heartichoke, the gnome Death Knight, for our guild's last slot for Classy. This meta-achievement will garner the guild a free 8th bank slot! I had forgotten that she needs to be both honored and level 85 until guildmate-who-knows-all said it. DAMMMMMMMMMIT - but thank you. See? Those tree people who pay attention to details sure do come in handy!

I hate those last few levels between 82-85, and am really getting resentful of my self-imposed project. No offense, but seeing her slumping shoulders is not attractive to me. I am reminded of the protagonist in Geek Love, Oly. (See?! Another "Ollie!") But the problem is I love the name--it's perfect for a gnome DK. But, damn...that schlumping! So-focus, Matty, focus - get to 85, and then lay low for a bit...because, as we know, there are going to be a few other things to do because 10-point achievements.

Speaking of no gold, Mataoka is now comfortably sitting on a whopping 55gold. Raising Death Knights is distracting and damaging to gold stacks.


  1. I'm a forest person who occasionally and for small spurts of time tries to be a tree to get something done, sometimes I'm even successful, lol.

    I'd send some Mysterious Fortune Cards to Matty if I could, she might hit the big one!

    1. Thanks Tome, as usual no ones fault but my own! But easy come easy go, just really cramps my mogging budget!


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