Monday, August 20, 2012

Club Bear, or "Death and Texas"

I think....Texas is trying to kill me.

Chicken Tacos Suckers!

There is something that grows here, perhaps the cedars, that throws more crap in the air than the plague makers on quota day, and I tossed and turned all night with an allergy/cold. And like all things in Texas, allergens are not microscopic bugaboos that can be scared off with a dose of Claritin, but big-ass things that land on your face and cause tidal-wave inducing sneezes and sinus headaches that require more Shiner Bock than one can keep in a cooler. (Did you know that cold beer is a great thing for a sinus headache? Maybe not, but after a few you don't care.)


Yes, I had the onslaught of Texas allergens, but what REALLY kept me up last night was worrying about three things:

1. I bugged Bear too much yesterday about the Sunday night ICC run; (my level of whisperings even made me stop and turn down "the crazy"--I mean, MATTY FOR GOD'S SAKE) -- that he didn't put me on ignore shows you the level of his gentlemanliness and scholarliness...)
2. He didn't understand that the Been Waiting one does require killing the Lich King, even though he repeatedly told me they were NOT going to kill the LK, but they were going to do this, were they? Did I read that right? Is that....what? Wait...and;
3. Did I read his last group email to me, and since "they" were taking away Have Group soon*, would I ever be able to meet up with this great group of players again? Forget the achievement - stupid frackity-frack frost thingy can go fly off a parapet for all I care - I was missing out on times with a great group! (Yes, whatever, yes, I want the mount, too).

So, I woke up groggy, sniffly, scratchy, big dark circles under my eyes, thinking --seriously-- get a grip, girl. Get a damn grip. Everything is fine. Go get some tacos with your dad and the rest of the posse and all will be right as rain.

As my dad was picking up the tab (See? It's still nice to have the privileges of being a baby girl) I checked my phone for posts (was really spamming Bear's blog for any news of what they did last night) and...

Oh. I see. They did finish it. Well. That's okay. (Sip of tea, blow nose) It's fine. I'm sure this group still likes me. I'll finish it someday. Heck, sure, maybe when I'm level 115 I can solo it. Sure. (Sniff. Sip of tea. Chip in hot salsa. Sniff. Sniff.)

You need to read his post, and then come back-- but congratulate him and the raiding team on their big finish!

I really am part of the club now!

PS I really did die on my mage yesterday when my nephew alerted me to a lizard trying to find a girlfriend outside, and when I went to go check it out sailor skeletons jumped me. Not sure the lizard or I was successful.


  1. Anonymous20.8.12

    I think your taco exploded. I would find it a lot more tasty if I hadn't just finished lunch =/

  2. Who knew bears were such pranksters! I bet when you got to the end of his post that taco taste even better!

  3. Cheeky bear ! I was feeling your distress and went off to read and came back... just as well for my comment would have been very different.

  4. Cymre: I apologize for putting you off your feed, but be warned: more to follow!

    Tome and Navi: Oh my gosh, who knew indeed! As I told Tome, the waiter must have seen my face and then gave me a little pat on the back at the restaurant! I seem to illicit sympathy from random people from time to time!

  5. Anonymous21.8.12

    I'm a Texas boy, born and bread. I totally agree; sinus congestion is bigger in TX!


    1. Z- My folks brought me back a huge bottle of Bayer headache medicine and a Heath-bar Dairy Queen Blizzard last night - both helped immeasurably!


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