Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mogjacking: Tapping into one's feminine side...

Tappy--this mogjacking is for you.

I took this screenshot of our guild's irreverent DK, Tapanga, with her (his) shiny pink axes. He didn't know I was taking this screenshot, because I was on one of my many alts who happened to have her i-Phone handy, and snapped away. (Is there no privacy anymore?!) I was going to do a complete unauthorized mogjacking and get rid of those Netherblades, but then, while messing around with Mogit this morning on my own Worgen, Lunancy, I realized, "Hey! Who am I to judge the boy's need to sport pink axes?!" Who indeed....

So, here is what I have come up with:

I think this ensemble captures and supports the Netherblades' true pink, shiny glory, while still conveying a healthy sense of "I am Worgen: Hear Me Roar!"

Postscript: Now if I could only paint those claws a pretty shade of pink nail polish...

Theme Song: I Am Woman/Helen Reddy


  1. Anonymous2.8.12

    I love that axe :D

  2. How could I have ever thought for one second not to use that as the linchpin of his ensemble?! It is awesome!

  3. Another drive-by mogging! She looks lovely now and I kind of really like that weapon the more I look at it.

  4. I love mogjacks like this!


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