Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clans of the Panda Bears

"You are going to be very, very busy over the next year."

Okay, okay, so I put my Beta on the back burner, to come to a slow simmer, and now it's time to take those cookies out of the oven, baby! (Wait, was I baking cookies on the stove top? No wonder...Hooray for confusing metaphors! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!)

Well, it's time to eat those cookies. (Did you know that fortune cookies, like most "Chinese" foods, were created in America? Fact.)

Anyway - in the guild forum were some wisely-timed thoughts on the upcoming changes, and steering myself toward a "new and improved concrete Matty," I thought it was time to take a look at the new faction repuations. It seems that obtaining and keeping a stellar reputation is going to be one of the few avenues to gear and glory. (Man, hope those Pandarians don't see what those goblins wrote on the bathroom wall about me!)

I was wondering, and if any of you who have done your homework would let me cheat off your notes, is one faction 'better' for another class than another? For example, if I take my priest Zep up through the ranks of the Celestials, should she have been a Lotus all along?

So you may want to visit the Quartermasters to see what they have for your personal cast of characters, and do some list making, etc.:

Current "Mains" (never leave a good Draenei behind)
Mataoka, enhancement and restoration shaman
Luperci: protection and holy paladin
Ceniza: fire mage --that's it--fire, fire!
Zeptepi: holy and shadow priest
Momokawa: restoration druid--not much else at the moment
Haanta: lost hunter

Kellda: up-and-comer warlock, currently demonology and afflication
Heartichoke (who may be going through a big transformation here soon) - Death Knight tank-wannabe

Golden Lotus: At first glance, this seems to be the one my "mains" will all need to go through in order for recipes and especially mail gear for Mataoka and Haanta.

Shado Pan: This looks to be more focused on gear for Zeptepi, Ceniza, and Luperci.

August Celestials: Momokawa and Luperci need to wander over to their neck of the woods, and this group also has everyone's back. But of course, they have some new recipes for Zep, so she'll have to do some kissing-up, too.

The Klaxxii: These good folks look like Luperci's kind of artisans. Many of her blacksmithing recipes are here, and plate wear.

Other factions of note:
The Anglers seem like my kind of folk!
Brewmasters: Obviously.

Did I just color-code this post? Damn right I did. 


  1. Oh man, I'm going to have to work again. Well, my idea of work is finding other smart people's posts on what's the best for the classes so I should say I'm going to have to read again!

    I guess it's time to stop faffing and start paying attention!

    1. I'm having alternate "I got this" and "Oh, sh*t!" moments! If you find out something - share!


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