Monday, August 20, 2012

Drabble: Longing

The tiny gnome shuffled along the cobblestones of the tournament grounds. In her former life, all she could remember was a garden full of sungrass, and giggles from her sisters. She realized she was a Death Knight now, but her existence was incongruent to her nature. She readjusted the heavy sword on her back, endlessly slipping and scraping the purposeful roads. By the jeweler’s wares, an advertisement: a handsome male on supplicant knee to a lithe elf female. Promises spoken, and options weighed: To say yes, or to say no?

She longed for length and strides, and a bended knee.


  1. I missed that! Now I'll have to go the tournament to have a look. I think that jeweler is optimistic, I didn't see much romance at the tournament but maybe jousting brings it out in Elves.

    I'm sure there's a romantic Gnome gentleman out there for her!

    1. Heartichoke is not pleased with her stature -- she's off on a love potion or two to change her into something else-as soon as she's honored with the guild in any case. Poor little thing is tired from dragging her two-hander off the streets.

    2. She could use her great sword as a pogo stick!!

      Gnomes are nothing if not inventive :p

    3. Why....WHY?!?!? IS THIS NOT A POGO STICK!?!?


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