Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Horchata #94

I title this: 'Horchata #94'
After my ill-planned adventure to the little Mexican store around the corner months ago, where the ladies with the big, blue eyeshadow did not understand my little gringo pronunciation of "horchata," I found success at the tacqueria kitty-corner to the little store. What? What do my eyes see?! Not one but two bubbling fountain drink dispensers, one holding cloudy white liquid? "Is this…horchata?" I ask hopefully…"Horchata?" For a split second I panic, thinking once again I have butchered the pronunciation, but in that tiny next moment she says, "Si, horchata…" Grabbing my eat-in Coca Cola plastic drink glass, I filled it to the top.

Here's something about horchata I learned: it's delicious. And--it's like drinking cold, creamy rice pudding. It's very rich and sweet. It was a perfect combination to combat the spiciness of my enchiladas (although I wish I had ordered the carne asada tacos…), but yes, a big full glass of horchata is a lot of well, awesomesauce. I couldn't even finish it.

And LOOK! Even more good news! I don't have diabetes, and I'm sure this is why! Sugars in tequila may stave off Type II Diabetes! All right! I'll drink to that… We could all use a little good news, you know?

Drunk History: The Invention of Coca-Cola (not the full episode - but you really should be watching Drunk History episodes.)


  1. Darn, I bookmarked a recipe for that and I still haven't remembered to make it. Maybe I could pour some tequila in it too. Just for medicinal purposes of course.

    1. I think the combination of horchatta and tequila would prove…hallucinogenic. Results may vary. (LOL)


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