Sunday, March 16, 2014

OLRG: Dragon Rules Edition

"Hmmm….spam…Viagra ad…Nigerian Princess…Amazon tracking order has shipped new robes…OLRG info…"

A hearty cheer for the Old Ladies Raiding Guild! Like all evil pirate captains, I put a hook and sword gently to their backs and told them to tank or plank Mogu'Shan! Everyone got out of their comfort zone in class/role and did a great job! I discovered that a lot about who I am is an over-estimator of ability, while others may underestimate, so it all balances out! Sure, the Stone Temple Pilots, er, Guard, bit us once or twice, no biggie; we all have our rabies shots. I just know we can do more current content over the next few months, as well as slice through older content too. Funny thing about those raids: those monsters keep springing back up! And guess what?! We had Amerpriest join us too, and her friend Alf! How cool is that?!

Helke, Neo, Imraith, Tome, Prinnie, PlaidElf, Taikuuta, and my friend Señor - it was so much fun! We went onto Blackwing Descent and got lots of achievements and were reminded about 'dragon rules.' Dragons have fire and tails, and don't stand in either; if the tail doesn't leg sweep you, the dragon breath will kill you. Pack mints and Nikes.

So I may have mentioned on Friday morning I was at a FOUR HOUR PRESENTATION. Four. Hours.



Someone brought doughnuts, which I am not a fan of, and fruit, which I ate, and Rice Krispy treats made with Easter-colored marshmallows which ended up making the rolled balls of sugar and cereal look like something the cat…never mind. They were really good. There was no coffee, and because my boss has perfected the debuff of the Stink-Eye spell when anyone is a minute late to anything, I didn't stop and get any, because you know, what if there was that ONE car in the Starbucks line whose mocha-dodo frappacinno was supposed to be cold, not hot, and I would get the Stink-Eye spell which cannot be dispelled under any circumstances (in fact, it's written down. Yes. Written. Down. In Permanent, Undispellable Ink), and okay after four hours of fruit, kitty-cat made Rice Krispy treats, and no caffeine, here is what I took away from the meeting (which occurred in the last 15 minutes):

The presenter gave us a scenario we had to solve in groups. Our groups brainstormed and came up with viable, creative solutions. She then walked around checking groups' work. To some groups she gave positive feedback, to others negative. The point of the exercise wasn't the content or quality of our solutions, but how we responded after the feedback. Our group's feedback was negative: she said our ideas weren't creative enough. My response in particular was defensive and disbelieving. Moi?! I am not creative enough?! After all the groups received feedback she gave us the big reveal, that the experiment was to see how we would react, and understand the power of positive feedback. We silly humans will walk on hot coals for those who perceive us to have value or worth to the group. Go figure. Stupid psychologists and their mind games. 

Needless to say, the rest of the Friday was shot, and this weekend I've spent trying to recoup my sanity. The Old Ladies helped me do just that.

Speaking of mind games, look what I uncovered:

Data. Bah.


  1. Thank you so much, Matty, for captaining us! I am going new places and seeing new things that I would never have done without your leadership. I would really like to do more current stuff if we can, and although I know that at least my own damage is kinda sad, maybe with more practice...The Old Ladies WILL Overcome All Obstacles to Win The Day!!

    1. I think we can definitely do more current things - to me, it truly is about seeing, practicing, and trying - this do or do not Yoda thing is all well and fine, but he never had to do a ten-man!

  2. I had a wonderful time as always! Oh! Who was Señor? I spend way too much time trying to figure out who everyone is but I've finally, finally got Imraith's character down. And Neo has thoughtfully got the Neo in all his names so I always know who he is. Helke I can always tell by who's kicking ass and taking names!

    My daughter recently complained about a presentation she had to sit through although I don't think it came close to four hours. It was so funny, how to deal with introverts. She said she wanted to get up and scream, stop telling them to "come out of your shell!" Except she didn't, cause she's an introvert, lol.

    1. First, why should people feel like they have to effing "deal with introverts?" Maybe I'm a little sensitive because I am sick to death of people not taking the time to "get" me. Come to my home planet sometimes, folks, it's WAY more fun! Señor was our esteemed shaman Chinta, who has recently become blonde. Virtually anyway. I called him a pendejo and he was gracious to correct my Spanish to 'pendeja." That cracked me up. Just glad I got him away from PvP battlegrounds long enough for a normal ten man. Maybe next time your daughter should have a pre-made poster sign and hold it up saying "stop trying to fix me." Ah, my own fantasy I suppose.

  3. I hate those sort of courses. We went on one recently called "Smarter conversations" in which we were told to be transparent in all our dealings with people. When we pointed out that being totally transparent with our client group tended to lead to violence we got told that we weren't being co-operative.....
    Sometimes I wish they'd get out of the classroom and into the real world to put all these "exciting" training methods to the test themselves.

    1. Damn, Erinys, did they at least give you doughnuts? I mean really…! I like the presenter very much, but she needed a sturdy editor to cut it down a bit. It is the great paradox, isn't it? Do as I say, not as I present...


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