Saturday, March 1, 2014

Drunken Fish Tank

First of all, a big thank you to my buddies who've started some alts on Whisperwind and taken up the cause of (The) Drunken Fish: Dahahka, Tome, and Zwingli. So much is written about guild culture, and I, too, have mentioned how much I love the little two-player cottage guild my buddy Señor and I created. But in all fairness, I realized it would be irresponsible of me to invite a few more folks into the Drunken Fish without thinking about guild culture. I anticipate no one is going to care.

Rule #1: Shhh. Coffee.

Here is who I am in the morning:
If you whisper me in the morning, I may or may not be too chatty. The morning time traditionally serves as my writing and thinking time, time to infuse coffee in my veins, and have no social responsibilities. My day-job is full of a lot of talk, human contact, and performances, and though I am a 'morning person,' I am kind of introverted then. This has worked out well with my partnership with Señor, because I'm pretty sure he's a vampire hunter in real life, working the night shifts, so not a lot of chitter-chat. Please don't hesitate to say morning, howdy, whatever - I just may not talk too much in return. Same goes for you: if you can't talk, or are quiet, just give me a smiley face, and I will take that cue as "shhh…I'm hunting wabbits…."

Rule #2: What Happens IRL Stays IRL
One of the other cool things I've always dug about my guild partner is even though he and I know some things about each other, we don't discuss them in guild chat. Many of you know A LOT about me, as in, if you wanted to send a drone strike to my house you could. The Drunken Fish is all about being in Azeroth, quasi-role-playing.

Rule #3: Nothing is off limits in terms of game play
You want to try a flex? Challenge Mode? Run a lower level character through instances? Just ask.

Rule #4: The Guild Bank is My Gucci Bag
I am not being stingy, it's just that the guild bank is my purse. Please use the guild gold for repairs, of course, and take what you can/need.

Rules #5: Mi Casa…well, you get it

When I imagine my little cottage guild, this is what is in my mind:

Even though this is the reality:
In other words, I love my little guild, and am really proud that two friends got it to where it did. But we can't do it alone, and I really appreciate the help.

I've told Señor to be nice (he told me 'Nice' is his middle name) and he will. In fact, I only hang out with cool, funny people, and this is a good thing. Welcome to the Drunken Fish, my friends! Bienvenido! And no, Señor will not teach you dirty words in Spanish. I asked.


  1. I've been thinking the same thing about my guild and I feel the same way about the Guild bank. Good to hear you have a few friends to help you both out.

    1. I wish we could do more "free-agent" kind of guild stuff - where you make a player an honorary member for an achievement, etc. Maybe someday.

  2. Oh, I already did that in high school. I had a bad experience in Spanish class when I got up in class and said the table of poop instead of the table of madera. Everyone laughed at me and I had to threaten my boy friend to tell me ALL the dirty words or else. I might add that his first language was Spanish and I did all his Spanish homework so I really had leverage. There are probably new ones now but I have the basics anyway, lol.

    1. Doubtful there are new ones - no wait, I take that back - 'table of poop!' lol That tickled me Tome - thank you!


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