Monday, March 17, 2014

Dear Matty: Stay Calm Edition

Dear Matty:
I hate playing right now, and not because of dailies, or quests, or waiting for the new expansion: I hate playing right now because my healer (I'm a tank) left me for a druid in Darnassus, and it's depressing to be playing solo right now. I painted myself in a corner with my guild, and he and I were too cliquish, I guess, and now I'm left having to start over with meeting friends. How do I get out of this social slump?

Lonely in Lordearon

Dear LL:
I have spent my whole life wondering how we meet, make, and keep friends. In fact, I was thinking about this very topic last night, thinking about how rare and special it is I have met and kept a friend for decades. This is the blessing part of social media, too, because I can think of at least five dear friends with whom I've reconnected with on social media, because my Christmas card writing has fallen by the wayside, and things like Twitter and Facebook allow us to have casual conversations on-line. But as the above spoken word performance above shows, love comes and goes, and the best we can hope for is another opportunity. Have heart, Lonely, for the only way I know to invite love in is to open the door: to extend this metaphor, you're the one in your own house, and whether or not you want or are able to have company. As far as friends in Azeroth goes, don't be afraid to initiate conversation once in awhile, make a joke in a group, or notice which active guilds seem to have the funniest, or friendliest guild recruitment ads. You just never know.

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