Saturday, March 29, 2014

True Love.

Azeroth --Azeroth is a love fest --a true wish-fulfillment fantasy for me. What little girl doesn't dream of a loyal friend, who will fight for her, comfort her, and love her unconditionally, silently, when the world is cruel and heartless? This epiphany came to me when I was looking at a screenshot of Sajja this morning - how my three loves: Mataoka, Haanta, and now Sajja will never give up their loyal companions. (I must admit a little tug of my heart when I think of my Great Dane Heidi, who was that for me in real life. I miss you Heidi, so very much.)

Xuen is no woman's pet, but a fierce friend
This is why I will never give up being an enhancement shaman. Ever.

Haanta's connections with her beasts is eternal
If you have doubts, listen to the NPR story, "How Dogs Evolved Into Our Best Friends."  The only thing I wish I could change about Sajja's tiger and Matty's wolves are that they would stay longer - their ephereal existence is too short-lived, while Haanta's beasts, when kept healed, roar and claw for as long as she needs them, which puts her at a distinct advantage. I'm not suggesting hunters are overpowered, but let's just say she does more damage without her legendary cloak in five minutes than Mataoka can in…well….anyway. And - oh--wow wow wow---Sajja. I went through LFRs with her yesterday, and even with terrible gear she was healing as much as my more geared healers in some cases. I am not quite sure what the magic rotation is yet (I did cursory research on Icy Veins), but Mistweaving is pretty damn awesome. And she looks good, too. 

So off to do what I set out to do - help the Drunken Fish. Onward. Don't look back.


  1. Geez, listened to the piece about dogs and for some reason it made me hungry for Chinese food. I went and got some and forgot where it all started. Yes, my hunter doesn't even pretend anymore. She's just here for the pets, actually killings things isn't even on her agenda anymore, just collecting pets.

    1. Oh - we have leftover Chinese in the fridge! You solved my lunch problem - thanks Tome! I guess I was thinking about this affinity for furry and finned companions -- really a great part of Azeroth!


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